two steps forward, one step back

Furor Over Cartoons Pits Muslim Against Muslim

This is an intense article, partiuclarly because of the blacklash inside the Islamic world. I find it such an interesting fight, and then I think how it’s such a microcosm of any society, really. While we might not kill in our anger, we certainly find it easy to talk down to those we disagree with, even if they are members of the same family, country, or even religion. How many right-wing evangelicals will damn anything and everything that doesn’t fit their theological box? How many post-modern Christians reject their modern mother churches on the basis of their rejection of post-moderism? How many times do Protestants still toss barbs at Catholics and vice versa?

And how many times does Jesus look at all of it and say “you’ve got it wrong in the first place”?

While I doubt I’ll ever shake my conservative evangelical roots – nor do I ever want to – I do want to see what our world would be like if we as the Church proper began focusing on working together rather and dividing ourselves. We, as the Christian faith, have quickly become the parenthesis to a secular world, and have allowed ourselves to be at least complacent, at most comfortable with the idea.  Not to mention we’d rather find points to fight on rather than work with the sea of folks who know Jesus as a nice guy, and not as the transformer and redemptive power of this world.

And this is why I’m excited about Jubilee tomorrow.  Almost 2,000 college students gathered to find out who this Jesus guy is, and how they can incorporate his message of the Kingdom of God into everything they do.

In other words, to open the parentheses.


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