picture 3: the problem that has solution

This a picture looking out of the third floor of Part Of The Solution, the community service institution I worked at the last week. Here’s a demographic snapshot:

  • 70% Hispanic
  • 20% Black
  • 10% White
  • Average Per Capita: ~$10,000
  • 70% of residents on PA
  • Population: ~130,000

This last week may have been one of the most seminal moments in my life so far. The issues of poverty, race marginalization and justice were put in a human form unparalleled in any experience I’ve had before. I hope to talk more about it, but I’m exhausted now, and will probably sleep 90 hours this week… in other words, I’ll sleep like it’s my job.


One Comment

  1. Those are things I’d love to hear your thoughts on… things I deal with every single day, on some level or another. Eye openers, no?


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