another nice relationship post

    This is from my old journal.  Jeremy Shankle (one of my Buffalo friends from college) wrote the quote, and I found it rather appopriate.  I've realized that at this point in my life, I have friends in every single stage of relationship life – good, single friends; friends who have just started dating; friends engaged; friends just married; and a friend soon closing in on 5 years of marriage (who graduated with me, no less).  Anyway, I enjoyed this as I was reflecting on some of my old journals:

"…The real point is that you should try to find (or maybe you already have found) someone who would like to spend their days the same way that you would like to. In my case, this obviously means traveling across Germany at 185.79 miles per hour. And, since my love is sitting across from me, reading Emma, at 185.79 miles per hour in Germany, I have found someone who is just as I described, and I think it was a good idea to get married to her…"

At this time next year, two of my three closest friends from GCC will have found their bullet train partners, spending days they described.

I woud like to spend my days knowing how dorky it is that I beatbox at random times, I live with college students, I'm almost a guitarist, and through all of that having someone say "that's kinda cute" 


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