picture 8 – the benefits of a lake

This is a picture of the cookout I hosted yesterday for my apartment building and some other folks intersted in coming. We spent three hours up on the beach and played football and cooked hot dogs and all sorts of just spending time together. I found that last night was one of the best reminders of why I love what I do (and that includes why I love each student I've met this year – yes, that includes you, reader of my blog). In each of these people here – all of them I know – I see potential. I see gifts. I see awesome people who are going to change the world. I see God in them. And each time I get to just relax and hang out, I feel God's presence there. It's how I can spend week after week cranking this out and that out. It's how I can deal with beaurocracy. It's how I know that while I'm exhausted now, in a couple months I'm going to be wishing them back to Gannon. It's why I'm motivitated to stay in the CCO: tranforming college students to transform the world is about the best thing I could imagine doing right now.

Good night all.


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  1. I am consistently amazed at how much ministry happens alongside cookouts and free food. Many of my non-staff relationships this year were built around handing out free food. I don’t know what it is about the human spirit and breaking bread together, but, buy someone a pizza, and you are friends for life. It’s kinda neat.

    Just yesterday some residents went to the park to cookout on the top of a hill. They invited me to go, and happily I went. It was a wonderful day, food, frisbee, football… I had a blast. We hung out until the sun went down and when I finally got home my skin was hot from being outside all day. After I got out of the shower and started checking my emails, I realized what a wonderful life I lead.

    I’m glad you experienced something of the same. We have very nice jobs.


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