various and sundry post

  • Happy May.
  • I changed my presentation, and I think I enjoy this one as a summer theme.  It is, after all, getting closer to sweet, sweet summer, and why not greet it with open arms?
  • Dear Tricia – thanks for your statements in your recent blog entry.  You affirmed me as well, and mutual affirmation is the things great days are made of.
  • Speaking of great days – I recieved my Found magazine today, and it's pretty much amazing.  Basically, people turn in things they locate on the ground or in things (hence Found), and they put it in a magazine.  This simple premise may be one of my favorite slices of modern sociology ever.  I mean, seriously – these are real life letters and notes written about many different things.  It's a simply amazing piece of work, and if you see me, I will not hesitate to show it off to you.  I promise.
  • I have a paper to finish writing.  Ugh.  Can't my blog count for all the writing I do?
  • I'm in a better mood than I have been.  I blame it on a new view on life, and the fact it's Monday again, and it's a new week.  Who knows.  But I don't feel as offbeat as I was before.

Great day.  Have one.  On me.


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