Joshua recently said in my blog how we may very well have some of the best jobs one can have.  And I certainly don't disagree.  I feel so blessed to be an RD and to work in ministry with students. 

    And then we have a day like today.  One of our students passed away from natural causes.  As I'm writing it, I hurt.  I feel just like a friend, someone I care about was taken from me.  And I hadn't even met the girl. 

    Maybe I would have.  Maybe she might have come to Truthseekers next year.  Maybe she was planning on living in Walker next year.

    In the last month, there's been a rape and a death.  In the last year I've taken 18 year olds to the hospital.  In the last year I've fallen in love with the Gannon community, and hurt with them, and cried with them.

      Tricia wrote this, and I'm shamlessly copying it, because it's perfect.


Today is beautiful. Today is perfect. Today is wonderful. Today is fine. Today is a day for drinking iced tea.
And a day for walking the long way home. Past the freshman dorm.

A crowd outside. (A fire drill)

Police cars and van. (A threat)

The Chaplain.

Campus ministers.

Other priests. (Jesus.)

Students crying.

Keep walking. Two freshman friends approach from the opposite direction.

"What's going on over there?"
"A girl had a seizure…. and died."

Today is

"Who was it?"
"Stephanie something."

Our Stephanie? Someone's Stephanie.

Today is a tragedy. Every day is a tragedy. Someplace.


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  1. Enjoyed your site. That last line grabs me, for it is absolute truth. How much we need God! How available He is!




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