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As I was at Presque Isle with Nick and our prospective KH canidate, I told this tidbit of info, and I wanted to share a little.

I love Maine. Specifically, Bar Harbor, Maine. Most people want to go to Florida for vacation, but I'd rather head north, especially in the late summer, as it's 85 degrees on the land and 45 on the sea, it's a wild transition. My pseudo-fantasy retirement (psuedo because I'm not really sure, deep down, if it's my dream) is to own a lobster boat, fish in the morning, and then in the afternoon and evening read and discuss the world's problems with my wife, solving the majority of them, but not being willing to share because, obviously, every husband and wife should have some secrets.

Anyway, so here's the lobster story. Lobsters are get caught in crates. They go in for food, eat it, and get caught in the back of the crate as the rope they walk through eventually encloses them. Think of it like a varmit trap – totally humane, they just get stuck in the back.

Well, they've found in recent years that the population of lobsters have been going up, not staying even or down – as one would think it would, as the US government has called lobster "overfished".

The study now being done is to see if the herring bait that is used to attract the lobsters into the traps is actually improving the environment for the lobsters. You can read more here.

How funny is that though? I'm sure there's some sort of profound thing in that, but it's 12:51 in the morning, and instead of something profound, I'll leave you with the life cycle of the lobster.

Is it strange to see mama lobster poop out her babies? I certainly thought so.

Great day today, by the way. Another reminder that life is best lived as it is, not to try too hard, and just let God and time do what they do best. Too bad it took 23 and a half years to figure that out.



  1. Hey, just to throw it out there, there is apparently a recent trend amongst the yuppie/mauppie group to seek vacations not at a resort, but rather in their dream job as a blacksmith/baker/fisherman/etc… It might be something worth looking into, so you can tell your grandkids you lived the dream, and had some dang tasty dinner afterwards. 😉


  2. It certainly is on my list of things to look into someday, but I realize that there are a couple contingencies:

    1. Do I have a wife who wants to do the same thing?
    2. Will I have the money to buy a boat and all the things I want?
    3. Do I want to deal with Maine winters? (that one might be moot, because I could probably live somewhere else in the winter and limelight as a summer lobsterman)

    And hey, here’s the deal: if I do this, you can have all you can eat lobster. 🙂



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