inconsistency maybe?

    US to renew full ties to Libya.

    Does this really surpise anyone else?  I mean, I see (and agree) that Libya has made its reparations from Lockerbie and really tied to show itself as a peaceful country and am happy to see some movement in a positive direction with any country, but I feel this is coming at an extremely convient time.

    In the last year, I've become significantly more cynical of government on the whole, and while I know people are fallible, I question sometimes how often people are blinded to simple common sense.

    As Ben Harper sings on his new album, it seems politicians have one foot in the grave and the other on the flag.

    I'll leave you all with the official document from the US.  Any comments would be great!

I am pleased to announce that the United States is restoring full diplomatic relations with Libya. We will soon open an embassy in Tripoli.

In addition, the United States intends to remove Libya from the list of designated state sponsors of terrorism.

Libya will also be omitted from the annual certification of countries not co-operating fully with United States' anti-terrorism efforts.

We are taking these actions in recognition of Libya's continued commitment to its renunciation of terrorism and the excellent co-operation Libya has provided to the United States and other members of the international community in response to common global threats faced by the civilized world since September 11, 2001.

Today's announcements are tangible results that flow from the historic decisions taken by Libya's leadership in 2003 to renounce terrorism and to abandon its weapons of mass destruction programmes.

As a direct result of those decisions we have witnessed the beginning of that country's re-emergence into the mainstream of the international community.

Today marks the opening of a new era in US-Libya relations that will benefit Americans and Libyans alike.

Just as 2003 marked a turning point for the Libyan people so too could 2006 mark turning points for the peoples of Iran and North Korea.

Libya is an important model as nations around the world press for changes in behaviour by the Iranian and North Korean regimes – changes that could be vital to international peace and security.

We urge the leadership of Iran and North Korea to make similar strategic decisions that would benefit their citizens.

For Libya, today's announcements open the door to a broader bilateral relationship with the United States that will allow us to better discuss other issues of importance.

Those issues include protection of universal human rights, promotion of freedom of speech and expression, and expansion of economic and political reform consistent with President Bush's freedom agenda.


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