new mixtape

    …this is the album that would document the artist that I've "found" over the last year or so (really, this has been a second semester passion). Enjoy the listing:

  1. Lupe Fiasco – Kick Push
  2. The New Pornographers – Stacked Crooked
  3. Amy Winehouse – In My Bed
  4. Bitter:Sweet – The Mating Game
  5. DangerDoom – Old School (f. Talib Kweli)
  6. The Raconteurs – Steady, As She Goes
  7. Dwele – Hold On (remix)
  8. Belle and Sebastian – We Are Sleepyheads
  9. Van Hunt – Hot Stage Lights
  10. Anathallo – Cuckoo Spitting Blood
  11. Cody ChesnuTT – On A Joyride
  12. Half-Handed Cloud – Everyone Did What Was Right In Their Own Eyes
  13. Old Canes – Blue Eleanor
  14. Matisyahu – King Without A Crown
  15. Rashaan Patterson – Seperate

    Tasty. Nakis and Wessel, you will certainly be getting copies. I like to think of this as the "taste of 2006"



  1. I enjoy seeing artists we play on WERG on your list! Nice choices overall. πŸ™‚

    Also, let me take this time to point out how much I miss our coffee dates already. I may be in Erie for Memorial Day weekend… any chance you’d be around for a quick hello?


  2. Thank you for the compliment πŸ™‚

    However, you all aren’t playing Anathallo on the station yet as far as I know, and that brings a tear to my eye.

    I probably won’t be in Erie during Memorial Day, however; I’m in Beaver Falls for the most of the summer, so I’m a stone’s throw to Pittsburgh. When I’m in town, you bet I’ll give you a call!


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