mcdonalds v starbucks

    So as is my fashion, I had this whole idea in my head about McDonald's and Starbucks and how as I went into both today, how culturally stereotypical they were, and how that sucks.  How McDonald's is lousy in general becuase it's making people fat, but when one looks on their website or watches their commercials, he or she will see skinny, happy people.  Which is not what I saw.  And then at Starbucks, it was full of suits and soon-to-be suits drinking coffee, being busy, and I think deep down wanting someone to ask them how their day is, but not really having the time to respond.

     However, I lost my steam for a really big entry.  I'm excited for tonight, as I'm making dinner for Statia (I love to cook for folks), and some of my buddies from Grove City are coming up for a last hurrah in this fair Erie-town.

    If you, dear reader, and I have a chance to sit down and talk, I look forward to telling you all the wonderfully random things that have happened this week, the latest of which being that one of the security officers here at Gannon (Hoss, who else?) offered me a pylon for my parking spot so people will stay out of it.  But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

      I love you.


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