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Dear K. Fenn –

This is for you, so you'll keep writing. I like what Joshua said when in many ways the blogosphere has become a third space. There has to be a reason why it and MySpace and Facebook are so popular, right? The New Yorker, by the way, had a great article about Facebook and its beginnings.

Anyway, I could have called this "various and sundry", but the last two times I put that, bad things happened the next day, and I'm in no mood to test fate.

I passionately took (recieved, although often used in this context, is a poor reflection of what I did) 12 hours of sleep last night, and woke up at 11:00. I can't remember the last time I did that, and it was worth every bit of the 3 hours I wasn't awake that I usually am. Try it folks. It's amazing.

I went to Wal*Mart today because I needed a haircut and socks and undershits. As I left, I felt guilty. My stance on going there is I only go if I have no other option, and really, I probably had options. 8% of the nation's consumers do not shop at Wal*Mart because it's a moral choice. I think I'm getting closer to that 8%, but maybe I'm in the "So close but when push comes to shove I pansy out on that particular conviction" category. Suck.

As redemption, I went to the local coffee shop. It's called Friends Roastery, for the obvious reason that they roast their own beans. It's the best coffee in town. Whilst sipping on a cup and eating a cinnamon roll, I picked up a copy of the Utne Reader they had there, and I loved it. I'd heard of it two or three times – bloggies, Adbusters, seeing it at B&N – and finally decided to park myself over a copy. The first aricle was entied "Capitalism with Conscience" – YES! I love that. That's what I've always felt! And I kept reading, and had similar reactions. Utne will probably be the something like 5th magazine subscription I have, which I think puts me in fully obsessed with magazine land.

(it rhymes with chutney, by the way)

Also, a few albums to check out: Aimee Mann's The Forgotten Arm, Calexico's Garden Ruin, The New Pornographer's Twin Cinemas, and Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor.

Finally, K. Fenn; readers x,y, and z; Mr. or Mrs. "I really need a poem about love affairs"; and myself three weeks from now, I leave you with a poem I wrote. I was started in October, and finished last night. It started because I would go to Aromas and had an infatuation with the barista (who I think was named Elizabeth). Enjoy.

Can we fall in love over a cup of coffee?
You see, that’s how I’ve always wanted to:
You with your latte, I with my black regular
(not that I think you’re disingenuous, I just prefer it bitter)
And discuss why this did not happen sooner.
Sooner, we agreed, would not have been fate,
I had mistakes to make, after all –
And would I be me now had I not?

I violently tip back the last of my drink,
Smile and say "But who’s to say I am ever finished
Making my mistakes?"


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