home and wal*mart… and goals

I'm home.  As in Salem, Ohio home.  And to tell you the truth, when I'm here, I'm ambivalent about it.  It's not to say I don't love my family (which I do.  Any of you who know me know that's the case), but it's simply that when I'm at home, my routine is thrown off.  I can't live my life the way I'm accustomed to.  The best example is bedtime.  My family is on a 10-6 sleep schedule, while I, just purely on the basis that I work with college students, am on a 2-10 schedule most often (even though I tried the 12-8 schedule with mixed results).

Obviously we all make space for each other – I just go upstairs to my bedroom and do what I want to do quietly, and they leave me to my own devices.  But it's still frustrating when things as simple as going online to blog is a logistical ordeal.  But, I do love my family deeply, so it all works out.

My main thrust, however, is my continuing saga against Wal*Mart.  I hate it.  I hate so much of what it stands for (personally, I think it's capitalism without conscience), and have decided to boycott the organization on principle.  Although I'm one man, conviction should mean someting, right?

However, in the last week or so being home, I've almost cracked twice.  When I was there with my brother, I wanted to buy Imogen Heap's album.  Not on Wal*Mart's shelves.  I wanted to get a modem for my brother's computer.  Not stocked.

God will pull you through your own convictions if you give them to Him.

And here's an update on my goals:

  1. Read classics – Because I want to do #2, I'm staying away from the classics for this week and next.  I did, however, read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, which is a top 3 book for me. 
  2. Diligently persue my Master’s degree – I am, actually.  I've read everything I've needed to, am writing everything I should with purpose, and loving it.
  3. Play the instruments I love – I've practiced my piano, and played my guitar often.
  4. Be athletic in someway everyday – Up and down.  The beginning of the week I was playing basketball 2 hours a night, but then I got tired and busy.  I'm buying a good pair of running shoes tomorrow, and comitting to using them.
  5. Keep losing weight – I still don't have the nerve to check a scale.  I should do that soon.
  6. Stay in balance with sleeping, watch what I eat and drink, care about my body – Balance hasn't been possible yet.  Well, that's a lie – I just haven't let it happen yet. 
  7. Continue to devote my 15 minutes in Scripture and prayer every morning – Only one day in the last 2 weeks have I not. 
  8. My Appreciation Journal – I've written in it every day. 
  9. Let go – It isn't really let go.  It's hold on.

Peace to you all. 


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