Two things that I wanted to relate to blogspace:

  1. I ran 2 miles today.  It felt good.  Well, let me rephrase and say I ran a mile (which I figured was about 8:30, considering that it was a song and a half), and ran/walk the second mile.  This is a big deal to me, as a few months ago I would have laughed.  My hope is by August to run 4 miles straight a day.  This is stretching, but I think totally possible.  Three times a week I'd like to be lifting for definition.  I'm considering taking a picture of myself this week, and then when I go back for school in August and compare.  This will either be one of the most joyous occasions of my summer, or one of the most somber.  Encouragment is always appreciated.
  2. Being with the family was wonderful today, and we sat around and watched a show of FoodTV about a couple getting married and having it in their $20 million car dealership.  Per plate, the dinner cost roughly $700 (600 guests… high five for you doing the math).  As I watched, I just thought "I am so sick and tired of opulence".  This is something new for me to actually straight out and admit to myself, as I always thought I'd want the fancy car or the nice house.  I don't, if you want the truth.  I think after I get married, if I have just enough to support my wife and myself happily with a house that is a home, I'll be juuuuuust fine.
    2a. Some of you may have heard my complaint about engagement/wedding rings.  In a nutshell, I think it's, well, opulent, to spend so much money and have all of the environmental damage to have a piece of metal say "I love you and cherish you" when actually doing it and saving the money for, say, a down payment on a house or children's education or paying down our debts seems so much more loving and appropriate.  In the Utne (which I finally bought a personal copy of), I found a company which makes wedding rings by recycling old jewlery as well as taking other metals (such as in computers) and making rings.  This, to me, seems so much more faithful as a Christian, as well as I think a much cooler story than Tiffany and Co could ever hope to create.  You can learn more from here.




  1. Ah. You’ve found UTNE, eh? No need to buy if you don’t want, I’ll share my subscription with you. That jewelry company seems pretty rad. It’s so nice to discover companies out there that already have done something with the ideas that you have in your head, isn’t it? The biggest problem I have with diamonds isn’t the environmental devestation as much as all of the human rights issues involved. Ah. I don’t want to talk about it on here, but it’s definitely worth calling attention to.


  2. That's a deal. I was considering getting a subscription to Adbusters, and so I would share that with you… well, to be honest, I don't think if anyone asked me "hey, can I look at your magazine" I'd say "no, you are not permitted to borrow or even so much as touch it"

    As I was writing last night, I thought about the humans rights issues – conflict diamonds and whatnot. There's a whole bunch of stuff on this topic I could talk and talk and talk about, but it's better done over a cup of coffee.

    ps – a hearty check plus on feeling better.


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