a couple things to mention for the week

    Here's some things I hope to talk about before I head out of Erie again: 

  • Zero Dualisms, and it's ever growing effect on my life
  • The Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster, and my desires to celebrate said disciplines
  • The first year out of college struggle

    That's three things in 4 days (I'm still in Saturday mode).

    ps – Today was a really nice day.  I spent time with Nick at the Ribfest and at B&N, and then hung out with Jenny for the rest of the night.  To close, I leave you with a song by Anathallo, which has sustained a run as my favorite band for awhile, and a band I will see in August and party with afterwards.  This song has been on my heart a lot, and it'll lead well into zero dualisms later.  peace.

Cuckoo Spitting Blood

Oh, night set on when I fell down
In the corner of the field.
Cuckoo, I too sang,
Spit the blood of welling thoughts.
Waking with a hundred grains.
Salt stains ringing 'round my legs.
I could not face you.

Since I don't know my father,
I won't be a son.
In morning when words rise up
Like the echo of a stone axe,
Some demon in me wants to rise up
And walk away.

When I am alone in the day.
At night when I am going without clothes
I see your knees where I would sit,
The purple chair,
Golden trim hedged 'round.

I hid myself.

Underneath my father
With the robes of a son.
In the morning when words rose up
Like the echo of a stone axe.
Some demon in me crawled out
And ran away.

I remember when I took the gifts
Asking you for everything,
Throw your name in the well.
I sink, and sink.



One Comment

  1. hey adam! i found your blog through your facebook site and have enjoyed perusing… it’s much more thoughtful than mine. you’re raising the blog bar. keep up the good work. talk to you soon!


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