picture 10 – nostalgia

    I realized I hadn't put a picture up in a long time, so I added one and was going to put it up, but then I realized I wanted to show another one.  This is a picture of Groundhog's Day 2005.  I went with my buddies from Grove City, and we whirlwinded there.  Here's my story I wrote when I did it (sans the pictures):

So we leave [Grove City] at 12:30. Head to Punxy (which they use up there, and is real effective when you can't spell it). We arrive at around 2:15…  Suffice to say these folks are obsessed with this rodent. So we unpack my little grill and start to get it kicking. The following conversation ensued not less that 30 seconds after we arrive:

"hey, are you some sort of nerd or something?" The voice was behind me.
"No, sir."
"What are you, some sort of jerk?"
"No, sir. Not at all"
"What are you cooking there? What are you, some sort of jerk?"
"I'm cooking brats, sir."
"Where are you from – Michigan?"
"No, sir. I'm from Pennsylvania (as a sidenote, I wasn't about to say Ohio… they hate us enough over here as it is)"

He then offered to help me light my grill with a "super lighter", but he couldn't find it.

Anyway, as if that weren't enough, there was another drunken conversation that I take from Eric's journal:

"…One tall man was holding a Miller Lite in each hand and talking jibberish. He was complaining because Anderson would not let this man's girlfriend squat and pee on the side of the van. Apparently the lines were too long in County Market (not true). This man kept calling Jeremy "long-hair". Needless to say, this guy was wasted…"

We also indulged ourselves in souviniers…

Then began the mile and and a half trek up to Gobbler's Knob. In the cold. Up a steep hill. In single digit temperatures. On a hilly field. Then we got there…

For the next 3 hours we listened to drunk karaoke (if there were such think as second-hand drinking, I would have alcohol poisoning), had an MC that really had no clue what he was doing, and viewed the people. I got a picture with these fine ladies – the spring and winter faries…

Then at 6:30 we had fireworks which were awesome. The sky was beginning to lighten up as well, so that made it that much more exciting. Then at 7:31, the man who were were looking for, SEER OF SEERS, PROGNOSTICATOR OF PROGNOSTICATORS, ALL WHO WERE DISCIPLES… PHIL CAME OUT!!!!

He predicted 6 more weeks of winter as he saw his shadow, but I saw no stinkin' shadow. I didn't even see my own shadow.

Then we left and ate a little at Eat'n'Park in Clarion. It was good food, and woke me up.

    The picture you see is my picture with the Spring and Winter faries.  I remember the MC basically dance raping the Spring fairy, which, although sounds horrible in text, was funny on stage.  And I think she consented, anyway.  I didn't go this year, and when February 2nd passed by, I couldn't help but think about being there.  It was a spur of the moment thing, and was worth the almost falling asleep at the wheel.

    By the way, Dan Adams, if you ever read this, I WANT MY TAPE BACK, WITH GROUNDHOG'S DAY ON IT! 



  1. Here’s the deal about Groundhog Day –
    It isn’t whether or not YOU see Phil’s shadow — it’s whether or not HE sees his shadow.
    Do not doubt the groundhog — or else.

    Side note: I can spell the name of the town.
    Learn it. Love it.

    It really helps that my aunt lives there and is the official coordinator of Groundhog Day (pretty sweet, eh?).


  2. haha I love anything about g-hog day. someday I hope to go as well. your stories crack me up. especially the drunk guy being ticked that you wouldn’t let his lady pee on the side of the van. I mean, really…what were you thinking?


  3. Hey! I don’t know if you’ll see this, since it’s on an old entry, but I’m from Punxsy! (Note the spelling – P-U-N-X-S-Y) The MC every year was my math teacher in high school! lol He’s a member of the “inner circle.” I was there in 2005 too! It’s the only year I actually went and stayed. 🙂


  4. Katie – You really need to go. Believe me, it will make your life better.

    KFenn and JKerr – You folks with your fancy connection. Jess, I did know you were from Punxsy (there you go)… but I didn’t know your dad was a Church of Christ pastor until I talked with him – my grandfather is the same, and your dad actually knew someone from my grandfather’s church. That was really cool.

    It’s wonderful to hear from you, by the way. I hope to hear all the wonderful things upcoming with you!


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