I'll probably write something of depth today, but before I did, I want to go to PostSecret (the link is in "Get Interested")

It's a bunch of postcards people send in with their secrets, desires, and things they probably wouldn't share otherwise.  I like to consider it an internet confessional.  It's kind of like Found to me – it's a slice of American life as it is.  Not what you see in the media, not what you imagine as people walk past you, but really what people are thinking and doing and living.

I almost wanted to put the "I watch Dr. Phil drunk" postcard, but I have to think long term about this blog.

Speak of – if you add my first ( and my second ( blogs, this is my 443rd entry since July 2001.  I wish I could figure out how to import all them into wordpress.  It would be an awesome catalouge of what's happened since I graduated high school. 


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