bob evans

    After my interview with Steve Skinner for choir at the church, I decided to go to Bob Evans for breakfast (it was 9:45 when I left the church).  I have found one of my favorite activities is going to get a meal by myself and just observe.  People talk about some of the best things when they're eating, and don't notice that someone might actually listening.  There were three things I really enjoyed.  Two of them came from a round table in front of me with a bunch of grandmothers (almost like a meeting of The Red Hat Society) and two separate comments: 

  • Two of the women got boxes for their breakfasts, and apparently one had bacon.  Obviously, she took it, because one of the women said she could make a BLT with it for lunch. "Will it last?" ask one woman.  "Oh sure, sure it will" said the one with the box. "I've found that the older I get, the less I pay attention to how long things are in my refrigerator".  I almost "LOL"'d, but I noticed as I snickered, one looked at me.  I didn't want anyone to think I was being mean, but, c'mon.
  • Later, as they are all leaving, they were talking about The Da Vinci Code, and saying it was an okay book, that some didn't like it, some did, but some thought it was too long.  "You know what I do, Carolyn," one of the ladies remarked, "I always look for the middle page.  Then, once I get there, I say 'it's all downhill from here!' and I actually feel bad finishing the book.  I don't like finishing a book if it's going down hill".  I did "LOL" at that one.  Not "ROTFL", because I would have made a spectacle of myself, and there are places better than Bob Evans for that.

    Driving home, it was gorgeous out.  Then as I walked back to my apartment, three people said hello to me, only one of which I knew.  One of the men – the second one – looked rather intimidating.  And he was probably the happiest of all three, offering me a big smile and a "Hey!  How are you doing?"  I think it was on purpose.

    Days like this, where I think to myself "I really like people" are typically the start of a few good days, and really, this has been a great last couple days.  Did you know that yesterday, 57 people visited my blog?  That's cool!  Apparently, people liked my "things I want in a girl" entry, as 13 people linked to it specifically.  Crazy!  And, I figured out two more things for it: she'd have to really like music, and I wouldn't be surprised if she frequented places like Barnes and Noble, because it seems to be a place that all my desires converge in tangible form.

    Thought sometimes imitates life.

    I need to motivate myself to do work.  This relaxing thing is nice, but not really efficent.  I took a nap today, and then downloaded Sondre Lerche's "Two Way Monologues" album.  Yeah.  Hard working. 


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