old entries

    I love going through old entries. In WordPress, they are really easy to navigate through – a whole month will come up on one page. One of the things I'm trying to do is find "a-ha" moments: times where I have sown major developmental seeds I'm reaping currently. I think some of them were unbeknownst to me at the time. And who knows, a couple years from now, there'll probably be things written over the last week that will strike me in 2009.

    To wit:

    About two years ago, I wrote this:

…When I drive to work in the morning, over beyond some of the hills I see the new Wal*Mart in Salem. From my house it looks as though it’s a bastion of commercial triumph… it’s all kinda disgusting. Although it will be a powder keg for Salem’s small town economy with its small shops basically filled with the same antiques as any other store, and surely it will be a shot in the arm for growth in the area, relatively stagnant, I can’t help but miss my field. I guess that’s progress for you…

    Here's my progression:

Write that –> Go for my senior year of free market economic Grove City, still feeling dissonance –> join CCO, think about the Kingdom of God as a full concept –> Start to wonder if Wal*Mart is helping ANYONE –> Start reading from the left and right –> Start thinking Wal*Mart really isn't progress –> boycott Wal*Mart as best I can.

The Wal*Mart still looks disgusting after two year, and the only major economy it created was a cigarette shop, a quick loans place, a rent-to-own appliance store, and a Subway and Quiznos.

That's overgeneralizing, but you get the point.

So here's where I am now with that thing

Boycott Wal*Mart as best I can –> Try to develop a more green ethos as part of a greater, more important emphasis of environemental, Christian stewardship –> Start thinking about my ecological footprint more (an idea I was introduced to in Environemental Science – maybe the most liberal class at Grove City) –> try to make some changes in what I'm doing –> ???

Oh, growth. You are a delight.


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