a song, a thought, and out

I have a thing for Norwegian artists.  The two I know really well – Kings of Convenience and Sondre Lerche – I really like.  I don't know if just a particular skill of theirs, but their songs are partiularly lush and well designed.  KoC is really deconstructed, and their harmonies are perfect.  SL has a gift of good instrumentation without sounding over the top.  Each band is lyrically enjoyable.  Anyway, this is a great little song that I wanted to put here.  It reminds me of a lot of different things and people (as songs do, and no one should feel guilty for exploiting them fully):

Maybe You're Gone

You have been waiting all your life
You use your patience to stay fine
Time moves on as you prepare
to tell yourself be reasonable
Then come the times you can't foresee
you cannot leave, you can't release
to keep you far from those dreams
Ignoring the right times
Oh, waiting was my life
For now it's too late
for you may not wait
and things that I have yet to know
vanish before they're complete
I may turn around
to see if you're still there
but as for now, it's just not safe
Maybe you'll wait for me
Maybe you're gone

You've been preparing all your life
You've had some trouble getting it right
And you try to tell yourself it may work, as it should
But something good can do much harm
The good may kill for your embrace
to keep you far from those dreams
you know you cannot dream
I'm stuck for now, it seems

Anyway, my thought is about my perspective on life.  I've found that when I left GCC, I was somewhat leaning right, and now, at the end of this year, I find myself leaning quite a bit left.  For the last week, I'm trying to figure out how that's happened.  The best I can decipher so far is that through things like the CCO, and finding solid, Christian liberals, I've found that contrary to Grove City's dronings, it's completely compatible to be liberal and Christian.  It really becomes a matter of the priorities one chooses – to love God by respecting His rules, and encouraging others to do so, or loving the people first, and the rules coming second.

That's a rather oversimplified version, and for the sake of my re-established dialup connection, I just at the end, I'd leave a quote from someone (it's inapproapriately attributed to Winston Churchill):

Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.

7 more years.  And we'll see if I'm still here, whether or not I've got brains.

This all said, I'm still no democrat.  The reason being is that the prevalent view of a strong federal government is against my basic philosophy that the local government should be the in charge of taking care of its residents.  I don't ask the mayor of Youngstown to help me fix my car, I'll ask my dad ("Well, what happens if my dad is the mayor of Youngstown?"  Shut up.)… and so as a result, I feel a large and bloated federal welfare state is a poor second option to local government and churches taking care of their precincts and parishes.

Most buisnessmen will tell you a horizontal business is much more flexible and able to respond to the environment than a rigid vertical business.  Shouldn't our government do the same?

The canidate that wants to love people first, and fix government second will be the canidate for me.

Yesterday, 66 people read my blog.  Ridiculous.  Thanks, everyone.  And I'll keep trying to update when I have nothing to say.

peace to all.


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