a couple things

  • I ran a mile today in 7:27.  This significant for two reasons: one, it's the shortest time I've ever ran a mile; two, a year ago at this time, I doubt I could even run a mile.  Thank you to all the Gannon folks who played frisbee each Sunday.  That was one of the biggest things to get me into shape.
  • I got my haircut today.  This, in and of itself is no biggie, but what did make it pretty interesting were the folks there.  Two mothers specifically – one with 4 kids, and another with 3.99, and she was due next Tuesday.  I just listened to their conversation about their first kids.  Apparently, pregnancies get easier in time – 18 hours, 9 hours, 3 hours.  The first time the water won't neccessarily break.  You begin to lose patience with your other kids as the pregnancy gets further along.  I learned more about pregancy in 25 minutes at the Famous Hair in Canfield than I have in ages.  It was great.

Much love.  This my end my streak of blog entries, as life will be upending soon.



  1. I will probably cry every day that you don’t post to your blog. But I understand. Some things in life are more important than blogging.

    Call me sometime soon, as we need to catch up.


  2. 1. I doubt that I will ever in my life run a mile under 10 minutes. This is impressive. Way To Go.
    2. Yay for learning about pregnancy. 🙂
    3. I got my hair cut on Monday morning before going to Maggie’s. She asked me if I just wanted a trim. I said, well, that’s fine, but it can be a little bit shorter because I mostly put it up during the summer anyway. She freakin chopped it. I mean, it’s not a bob or anything, but some pieces won’t go up in my messybun. Eak. Oh well.


  3. KFenn – I will, and I’ve given you a couple more to look at. I try to do as best of a job as I can 🙂

    HizzleTrizzle –
    1. You know, I said that a few years ago. Basically, what I recommend is make your job contingent on being in shape. I found out that for Marine basic training, they run 1.5mi in 9:00. On day one. I have work to do.

    3. You know, I bet it’ll be that look that you see at Hibachi restaraunts – the one or two whisps of hair placed juuuuust right… maybe a career change is on the way!


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