a little something more

  • Played golf today and played my best game ever at a 46 (+10).  This is only significant because of the fact that I think I'm finally starting to play golf through 9 holes, as my best shots were my last 4.  I almost birdied the 9th hole at Salem Hills (which might be may favorite hole of any I've ever played), had it not been for a bad putt from about 6 feet away.
  • The thing I want to leave you all with is a book I have.  A few weeks ago (well, the last time it was 90 degrees… I don't remember) I decided to head into the big used book store in Salem.  It, along with the Roastery, are the best things about the itty-bitty town I live near.  I decided to settle on a TS Eliot book containing his complete poetry and plays from 1909-1950.  It was originally held by a guy by the name of George L. LaNeve, who I was told was a pretty famous sports broadcaster here in Ohio, and apparently he had purchased it September 13th, 1958.  Today I decided to flip through it, and in Prufrock, there were two lines underlined:

I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker,
And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker,

 I found this to be at the same time really intersting and sad.  Prufrock is one of my favorite poems of all time, and I think there is so much beauty in it, but for someone to underline those two particular lines paints a picture of Mr. LaNeve.  There are also a couple index cards where he wrote notes about The Waste Land and Four Quartets.  I feel like those'll be great things to read tonight.

Here's my schedule in case you wondered: tomorrow, Pittsburgh; Thursday, Beaver Falls; Next Friday and Saturday, Grove City; Until July 23d, Beaver Falls.

 I'll update soon.  Meanwhile, read some old stuff.  There's something like 400 entries waiting for you!



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