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It's almost the end of the first week of New Staff Training, and I can think of a few quotes that were pretty funny:

  • Get that corn out of my face! (well, y'know, that's Nacho Libre, but funny anyway)
  • Cause… and effect.  There's a cause, and then, it makes an effect.
  • Get a job!

And the list goes on, but let's be honest, you don't want to see my inside jokes.

I've been blessed to watch these new staff form a community with each other.  They seem happy, attentive, and desiring to be here.  As excited as I am in a couple hours to be heading off to watch Aaron and Katie get married, I'm going to miss this community.  It's a blessing to watch these folks already care about each other so much.  They're beautiful people, and to all of you CCO staff who might read my blog – come out here.  You won't be disappointed.

Another great part of this time so far has been the affirmation I've received from people, new and current staff alike, that I'm called to this work.  Often, as I've discovered, campus ministry can be a lonely job and often thankless job, where appreciating the small things is paramount.  Anyway, yesterday Shelby Black was leaving NST to head back to Kent State where she has worked in ministry for 12 years.  She has developed countless leaders, and in many ways is considered an elder stateswoman in the CCO (more for her skills and gifts, less for the sheer amount of time and experience).  I saw her getting in her car, and said that I hoped she had a nice drive back to Kent.  She said thank you, and how it was a joy to spend some time with me, saying that the staff will be blessed by my presence this summer, and that she was pleased I was working at NST.  She then said "Adam, you're doing a great job".  This might have been one of the biggest compliments I've received since starting in ministry.  Here is Shelby Black saying I was doing a good job.  It seems to be analogous to a student's capstone professor saying that he was fully impressed by what the student did.

Without a doubt, this is a time of great life-giving and renewal for me, as well as a time for me to empty out for the New Staff.  God uses me.  And I'm so humbled by that.  But it's so wonderful to be reminded of it every once in awhile.

 much peace to you all.



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