wk ii pt i

This week marks the beginning of support raising, and it’s funny how a year can change your perspective on something as difficult as this part of your job.  When I started, I remember making phone call after phone call, and I was so nervous about it.  I kept thinking “dang, what happens if they say no?  What happens if they aren’t interested in what I do?”, and while I was blessed in the last year with the support I needed (which is a statement that can work whether I’m at 20 or 100%), I’ve found that this year as I’m working on support, it’s becoming a much easier expierence.  Here’s a couple reasons why – and for any of you who are starting your support raising, hopefully this will be a help for you, too:

  • I’m 100% convicted that this is what I’m supposed to do.  The CCO is an amazing organization, and I can do work that is making a difference in the world.  Shelby Black said she tells folks she talks to that she’s working with the most powerful people in the world – which is completely true.
  • If someone does not want to support me, that’s okay.  This is something much more easily done on the top than on the bottom of a support raising mountian, I realize, but I want to believe that regardless of where I was, if God isn’t calling somone to support my ministry for whatever reason, that’s just fine.  Becuase ultimately I’m not in the business of changing hearts and minds, just merely providing the opportunities to do so.  When God calls, He calls.
  • God is a God of abundance, not of scarcity.  Really beliving this makes me realize that I have no reason to beg, that God will provide for all of His people, as He has for a few millenia.
  • This isn’t my money, anyway.  It’s God’s.  Thinking about that more critically makes me realize that what comes, comes; and what goes, goes.  My responsibility is to steward what I’ve been given.  This stewardship concept really ends up permeating all of life, and might be one of the larger paradigm shifts I’ve had in the last year or two.

So, contrary to what some folks say, I believe that support raising gets easier.  Or, if anything, it becomes more acceptable, becuase it’s part of what one does as he or she is working on this staff, or most parachurch organizations, anyway.

A couple other things to leave you with, as well: one is the Eller wedding was nice.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  But two is I’ve realized for some reason this relationshippy datey thing has been on my mind waaaay too much.  I think it’s a mix of feeling more okay with thinking about those things more fully than I had felt awhile ago, and probably also just that I’m feeling older.  I said something today about being 23 and not married, and KTT was like “23 and not married?!  C’mon, that’s so silly.  You’re still young!”

 …23 and young.  Sometimes I forget that.  It’s something to be remembered more often.  The same as I should remember 25 and young, 27 and young, 30 and young.

ps- I feel like these entries aren’t as good as they should be.  If you feel this way, apologies.  If you don’t feel this way, ignore this sentence.


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  1. I searched for “anathallo pittsburgh” and you are the first hit! And I was so surprised to read that you just finished new staff training. You probably know Jessica then? She’s one of my best friends. I’m from Ohio too, and I love Pittsburgh, and also have surreal sorts of thoughts when I drive through Fort Pitt.
    I hope your first year on staff goes well. Not that there’s much doubt, considering how sweet the CCO and all its people are.


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