wk ii pt ii

Ever want to write something on a blog, have the chance, and then really can’t think of much?

Yes.  That’s me.  I’m even trying to think of some funny things I’ve seen to relate to you, and I can at least think of a guy that I saw in Friends Roastery who had a moustache with handlebars sticking straight out.  It looked like antennae.

I did some support raising work this weekend in the Cleveland area, and I’ve come to find it’s just as nice to hang out and catch up with people as it is to do the support work.  But thank you to Russ and Chrissy for their time.

Today I bought a new CD – Corrine Bailey Rae, and it’s really good.  She sounds like a mix between Amy Winehouse and Nelly Furtado with a soul/jazz influence (think something along the lines of Marvin Gaye).  Really good, really smooth and summery music.

I’m at real peace right now.  I feel centered, and I think things are going in a right direction with me.  It’s one part being disciplined in faith, one part doing something I love, and one part not worrying too much.

peace to all.



  1. Hey man, I usually just rss, so I don’t usually see the site. But I was doing some stuff in my WordPress admin today and just randomly clicked on the link. From the top of your template: I hadn’t even know anybody read the bottom of my pages:).


  2. Hey Jeremy –

    I loved that quote. Occasionally I feel guilty about stealing someone’s line, but that was good.

    Hope all is well!


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