wk iii

I’m blown away by the fact that I’m already at the end of week three at new staff training.  It has been so much fun, and the blessing it is to meet all these new staff and spend time with them is amazing.  One of the best parts thus far was yesterday.  Quite a few people left for the weekend, so we had about half the community.  I suggested that we pair up with one of the other cook groups for dinner (the cook groups are smaller groups that eat all of their meals together).  Anyway, the idea soon blossomed into everyone eating outside together.  We all cooked hamburgers and roasted vegetables and relaxed together.  I’m so impressed by everyone’s kindness and desire to be a community.  In any case, after that, I took some folks out to Starbucks for some reading and delicious drinks.  It was a good time to have some great conversation and get away from Geneva.  The picture beside my words is a picture of me at the last theme dinner: “Game Piece Night”.  I was the game “Simon“, as you can see by the colors. 

The classes we’ve been taking (well, I should clarify that by saying the classes new staff have been taking that I’ve been in as well) about evangelism and apologetics have been well planned and executed.  I’ve probably learned more about those subjects in the last week that I have in quite awhile.  That’s the joy of being able to be in this space, and what I realized last year as well:

i apologize this hasn’t been very consistent. i have wanted to be all about sending everyone updates and being really good about it, but with all of the stuff we’re doing (which tends to get backlogged), it hasn’t been easy.

however, for any of you that are reading, let me assure you then when the chance comes, i can’t wait to tell you all about what i’m learning. we sit in our classes and i walk away every day with something new to think about, something new to apply, and a new paradigm descends. i find myself so drawn into the people and the organization that i can’t see where else i’d be (which is something that has been playing over and over again, i realize…)

anyway, peaceandlove to all, and i’ll be back soon.

Hey, just to let you know: IT HAPPENS HERE EVEN WHEN YOU’VE BEEN ON STAFF!!!


2 more weeks and then I’ll be out of here again.  I’m going to savor it, because this time is serene.  And hey, also, ps, if you’re interested in learning more about this stuff, either visit or join the CCO.  You can talk to me about both (some of you already have… check plus to you!)

Today it’s off to Roaming Shores, and them some quality time with Nakis, and then who knows.  Much peace.


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