wk iv

I remember in June I couldn’t stop writing in my blog.  Now, each time I sit down to write to you, my dear readers, I find it much more difficult to do so.  I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t found myself observing as much, or maybe because I’m judging myself and my writing too much.  I feared this would happen when somehow I had 60+ views in one day. 

Anyway, today Byron Borger came in today, and spoke about the Kingdom vision.  The Kingdom concept springs from Abraham Kuyper, in which he said that Jesus, in his Lordship, has no space – no square inch – in which he doesn’t claim as his own.  This obviously has major implications, the most important is that there are no dualisms, and everything is important and is redeemable.  A great way to think of it is in terms of “full-time Christian service”: there is nothing but full time Christian service… there is no part-time service.  The implication more specifially for a campus minister is that we want to encourage our students as much as possible to integrate their faith into their career.  It’s perfectly good to be a light for Christ in the art world, in the business world, and in the medical world.  It’s closing the dualistic nature – thinking that Christ is only owner of the church, not of the whole world – that is our key.  It was great to be reminded of that.

Also, Byron brought a bunch of the books from his store, and I always buy more books than I should, but never feel too guilty for it.  I recieved a $25 gift certificate to Hearts and Minds today, so that took a little bit of the edge off.  Guarateed though, I will buy more books and will continue to increase my library of good intentions to read.

 At least when I do read them, I’ll be a better campus minister.

peace to you all.


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  1. Well, how about that? I’m headed out to Dallastown this weekend! I’ve got open seats. There’s two of them… d(^-^)b —That’s a guy giving 2 thumbs up.


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