picture 12 – support staff

This is a fine picture of the nst06 support staff.  We’re the folks who are living with the new staff, doing the whole community thing and providing as much wisdom and information as possible.  If this were facebook, here’s how the boxes would go from left to right:

Mike Mattes (AD of Central and Southern Ohio)
Katie Tarara (AD of WV and SWPA)
Beth Herman (Pitt law, medical, dental)
Lindsey Smyth (Wayne Presbyterian and a bunch ‘o schools)
Austina McFarland (Ohio Dominican)
Kelly Crowell (GCC)
Adam Anderson (Gannon)
Random girl who wanted to be photo’d

We’re at the original New Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe.  Crazy delicious.

That’s it for now.  Except to say that I now have highlighted hair, and I’ve come to find that this has been a summer of serendiptious style changes.  Thank you Roaming Shores lake and KTT deciding to get highlights.  The end.


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