bullet-life-points (wk v)

The last couple days have been manic-depressive.  For example, on Wednesday, Valerie came to spend the day with me.  Wonderful.  Yesterday, I found out we won’t have another CCO staffer at Gannon.  Suck.  I was invited to be part of the CCO’s recruiting base camp team.  Woo!  I stubbed my toe really bad yesterday.  Yeoch. 

I also am a little sad that folks are packing up and heading home today.  With the end of NST, it allows me some time to relax and get some things accomplished before going back to Gannon, but to have been a part of a caring and vulnerable community for a few weeks and then to leave it is sad.  I felt the same bittersweetness last year, too.

But, again, if there’s something I’ve learned in the last year, it’s that life can only be taken as it’s presented, in its fullness, and keep walking along.  When I look at the future as it stands today, it looks bright, but there’s an infinite amount of present to navigate and celebrate before future will be here.

I’m also packing, then heading out with the staff for lunch, then going home.  Much love to all.



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