dear will sinclair,

Hey Will.

You might never read my blog again.  That makes me sad, becuase I think what you wrote was compelling.  For those of you who might not have read your comment, here it is:

The sooner the Arabs and the Jews exterminate each other as well as the entire U.S.of A. the better for the rest of the world.
The Bible and Koran are total myth and fable. Harry Potter is as believable.
All of you “believers” live in fantasyland.
Will Sinclair

Anyway, I’m bringing this back up again only because I want to maybe spurn some conversation about this stuff.  You bring up two great subjects:

  1. Arab and Jew fighting against each other
  2. My faith (and I think more specifically Christianity in general) and how I live with it

Hopefully over the next couple entries I’ll have a chance to talk about both of those things, not becuase I want to prove right or wrong, but to add something to the discussion.  Understand, Will, the last thing I want to do is get on your case, or try to beat my beliefs upside your head.  What you do with the info is your choice, but I’m here to provide.  So please, Will and anyone who has something to say about either of those subjects, sound off!

I had been planning on write a few entries on worldview, and specifially this reformational worldview I’ve found so attractive.  But not tonight.  Tonight is sleep!

Much love to all.


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