getting through the week

This week has been one of the more difficult in my short life thus far.  Consider:

  • I drove upwards of 1000 miles in 4 days from Erie to Grove City to Cranberry to Saxonbug to Butler to Grove City to Butler to Cranberry to Westminster Highlands to Erie to Greenford to Youngstown to Greenford to Youngstown to Greenford to Youngstown to Erie.
  • Half of that driving was for my grandfather’s surgery.  It went well, but it was stressful, and I had about 3 hours of sleep the night before it, so I was tired, and haven’t really woke up yet.
  • I’ve had to make up for mistakes from being burnt out in May after everything that happened then.  Mainly, I’ve had to fix not really taking care of my keys to well to the apartment building, and now more recently I can’t find my walkie-talkie.

I feel frustrated because I’m making up for things I did months ago, and feel like I’m being drug around so that I can’t take the time to reflect and get going.

I’m better than how I’ve performed, and while I know I’ve had stuff happen, it’s still frustrating.

God still loves me.  I have a life.  I have a soul.  Tomorrow will be a new day, and my students will come.  I will feel like the capable staff memeber I am.  It’s the interim that always sucks.




  1. I feel you, Adam, oh do I feel you. My students will return in fewer than two weeks…and I don’t feel ready. I know once I’m back into the swing of things, it’ll be fine…but as of now, I am feeling overwhelmed. I know God is in control…and that any mistakes I made last year don’t matter in the long run…but I still have to make up for some of them, and prepare for making new ones. But you’re right. God still loves me. I am a capable staff member. I just have to remind myself to take time off and to stay focused on the Goal which God has placed before…bringing students closer to Him. Thanks, Adam…and know that you’re not alone!


  2. I understand Adam. It’s a sucky feeling, and you are right. It’s the interim that is the hardest. We know it’s going to get better, but boy does it suck to wait it out. Thanks for your transparency, it helps me. I don’t feel like I’m the only person who does these things…


  3. Blessings to you, Adam… You’re right, tomorrow is a new day, full of a whole year of new possibilities, opportunities, and chances for you to show God’s love in the ways that you do best. You are gifted, and God has placed you in your position for a purpose. My prayers are with you 🙂


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