the beginning of a new week

(edit: at the behest of Tricia Dituro, I’m finishing this entry, so beginning of a new week doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, really)…

Things are much better, now. I’ve come to find that often the interim and its frustrations can be assuaged by working through them. There’s something very Godly about Zen – sometimes the best thing one can do is embrace the things we’re hurt by and walk through them. One of the most crippling things in times of stress is observation.

I’m still in my quest to read The Fountainhead, and as I was reading tonight, I found this great conversation between two characters – Dominique Francon and Alvah Scarrett. I found it to be rather indicting for Christians. Quickly, Dominique says that she’d rather have zero expectations from people because she’d rather not have to deal with people making heroic things happen, only to find they go to a burlesque show for entertainment. I read that and thought about all the people who have turned their backs from Christianity becuase of people who do little to reflect Christ in their lives. And, to be honest, I have frustration on both sides: Christians, why aren’t we trying to live a less dualistic, more faithful lives; non-Christians, why aren’t you giving us the grace you so expect from us in return?

It’s a place that all Christians on their journeys have to face to make it relevant to theirs and others lives: when does one let go of making their own decisions and let themselves be lorded over? When does the pursuit of holiness take precidence over popularity? In fact, when does the pursuit of holiness trump every other worldly desire? It doesn’t mean that popularity doesn’t come, but it can be fleeting and put to sacrifice for God’s sake.

Which, to go back to the top of post, is the tweak I like to think that makes Zen and Christianity compatible: the only constant is the triune God. I cling to Him and He holds me, and everything is worth letting go of.

Anyway, I’m heading to bed. Good night, dear ones. Much peace.


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