23 was a vintage year.  All the crap that I had dealt with at this time last year seemed to be pre-birthday.

All I’m saying is 24 has a lot to live up to.   But I have a lot of faith in it.




  1. Happy BIrthday! So cool you share the day with my Dad. Getting “older” is such an interesting thing to wrestle with. Ahh the bike, just now thought about it. I promise that if you still have it in January at staff seminar I’ll take it back.


  2. Wooo weeeeee Happy Birthday! I think I have a thing for even numbered ages, but 24 seems so much cooler than 23. Oh man. You’re going to have a great year!


  3. Anderson,

    Hey man, rock on to 24. 24 is just a sweet number in general. 24 Game (google it if you have no idea), 24 elders tossing crowns at Jesus feet, it’s a sweet Switchfoot song, and it’s the year of life i’m exiting at the end of the month.

    i was interested in how i could get my xanga in the cco staff blogs section like you did! i’m an avid blogger and would love to be in the group.

    hope all is well man and let me know,


  4. Adam,

    Hey brother. Long time no chat. Thanks for still supporting the site on your sidebar. Hey, drop me an email (contact info is on my site) when you get a chance. I want to tell you about a new blog venture I am starting (hint=www.blogforhim.com). Being that you are already listed as an author….

    Give me a shout. Peace brother.


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