saleem guhbril

Okay.  As a introduction, I wrote this a day ago, and when I tried to post it, it disappeared.  That’s the first time that’s happened with WordPress.  It was frustrating, and so now I just have the synopsis of what I wrote:

This weekend, I had a chance to listen to Saleem Guhbril as part of my church’s “Faith and Life Weekend”.

We talked a considerable amount about his forte, that being inner city community development with a spiritual focus (his organization, the Pittsburgh Project, focuses specifically on that…

It was wonderful to listen to Saleem again. He’s a mentor of mine and doesn’t know it. Well, didn’t know it. I told him when I saw him, to which he replied he was humbled.

That right there shows why he’s a mentor. The work he’s done over the last 20+ years in community development has been such a blessing to the North side. He’s Jubilee’s master of ceremonies. He’s building a ministry so strong that it’s being emulated across the city.

He was humbled by one kid telling him he’s cool.  I mentioned him along with John Perkins, and he said that too was humbling.

Seeing him instilled in me again the desire to do inner city ministry again.

The dirty type of inner city ministry.  The one that builds houses.  The one that asks the people what they need.  The one that causes you to live there and minister to not just a neighborhood, but your neighborhood.

The ministry that can’t give you an ego massage because hey, you live there.  The one I’d like to think Jesus would do.

Erie seems like the kind of place to do that.  I can’t help but think maybe I was brought to Gannon to do ministry in the city.

Not surprisingly, God works like that.


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