to me you are perfect

From here on out, for my little graphic, I’m going to use drawings. They’re great.

Anyway… I’m copying another blog article, and providing the link. I’d love to hear thoughts. As a Christian, I don’t disagree with some of the accusations, but what does a Christian say without sounding cliche, and engaging in the age-old apologetic logic roundabout? Let me know.

One of the pet hates of most atheists is religious people preaching. Let me clarify a little. I hate it when those stinking bible-bashers can’t help but push their beliefs on to me. Although I have some experience of being Koran (never Tanakh) bashed, the evangelical Christians in the good ol’ US of A are the major problem.

born again

Let me just explain to all those who have been lucky enough to avoid these turkeys. They are all around you:

Consider an innocent atheist, run of the mill Christian or some other normal person is browsing the Internet. He stumbles across a website with some bland newsy name, and decides to read a couple of stories. It is like an alternate Universe! Iraq is going well, apparently. The country is dangerously overflowing with Muslims, illegal immigrants, democrats and Halloween costumes that are becoming “too sexy”. Don’t be fooled! This is one of the conservative, evangelical Christian propaganda “news” websites.

Then you go into a chat room or forum, and they are there as well. Quoting Bible verses, telling you to end your “life of sin”. Then you have Bible-bashers at the door, on TV, on the radio, in the government…

And there are even people with the mission to seek and convert every single person in the world. They just can’t resist. Look at this and this and tell me they don’t make you feel a little disgusted. These people are systematically converting the entire world.

It’s not only that they get on my nerves. It’s that these people are so tied up in their own beliefs that are willing to do morally reprehensible things to force them on anyone they can. Yes, I believe it is morally reprehensible to seek and convert people in developing countries. Obviously these people think they are doing the right thing. But they part of something bigger. A large-scale brainwashing is taking place, deadening the brains of all who are targeted, turning them all into conservative, hate filled Republicans.

cartoon anti-christian

I am not preaching atheism! This is not a hypocritical post.



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