I’m moving ever-closer to 500 entries since I’ve started blogging.  That reduces to about 100 a year, but who’s counting.  Well, I am.  Obviously.

I’ll have a top 10 entries-palooza.  It’ll be big fun.

In unrelated news, I don’t like it when the past catches up with me.  When my regrets and missteps have to be relived.  It’s difficult, even if nothing comes of it.  I’ll probably write more about those issues later, but I’m on dial-up now.



One Comment

  1. yeah to kings of convenience! I just got “riot on the empty streets” Good show.

    I wonder if this season is just prone to bring a lot of reflection. About the past catching up to you, mine is looming over me…the ways I catergorize and place the world in a perfect container. Weird.

    Well…happy new year .


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