day 3

After seeing Jeff and Alex, I went to church with Erika and Sharon. Again, could stand on its own, but here’s 2 things:

Random, funny thing: At lunch, I was paying, and the woman checking me out (who had the most wild black and white framed glasses – picture something that guy with the question suit saying we can GET MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT WITH HIS BOOK! would wear), who said “honey, so you want to put this much on your card… oh, and I’ll put these leftovers in a bag, but that’ll be a $20.00 charge”. I laughed a bit because she said it in such a sweet way. I said “well, y’know, you just about slid that past me.”

Random, happy thing: Erika and I spent a couple hours at Barnes and Noble just reading. I had my class stuff and she had stuff for her study group at Parkside. It felt wonderfully normal and beautiful. I’ve smiled a lot.


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