day 9

“Tricia Dituro” (11:56:07 PM): I have a criticism for your daily blogging

awra2001 (11:56:32 PM): yes?

awra2001 (11:56:34 PM): Well

awra2001 (11:56:36 PM): Wait

awra2001 (11:56:41 PM): Because I think I’ll know what it is

awra2001 (11:56:49 PM): And that it’s diluted and surface

awra2001 (11:56:50 PM): and I agree.

“Tricia Dituro” (11:57:39 PM): oh great… I was going to say it like this:  I’d like to see something more substantive, more of the daily inner thoughts and workings of Adam Anderson

awra2001 (11:58:08 PM): hahahah

awra2001 (11:58:22 PM): Well, thank you for the more tactful criticism

awra2001 (11:58:52 PM): So I find one of two options

awra2001 (11:59:02 PM): either, I have to be, indeed, more substantive

awra2001 (11:59:10 PM): Or stop blogging daily

“Tricia Dituro” (11:59:35 PM): you could jot things down all throughout the day

“Tricia Dituro” (11:59:57 PM): in a notebook, at a meeting or anywhere

“Tricia Dituro” (12:00:06 AM): and then it will be easier to reflect every day

awra2001 (12:00:32 AM): that’s a good idea

awra2001 (12:00:35 AM): because yeah

awra2001 (12:00:53 AM): I would define my blog right now as “paltry”

awra2001 (12:00:59 AM): and that’s just not how I roll




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