1 month

It’s been one month since Erika and I went on our first date.  So, I suppose through some verbal gymnastics you can say we’ve been dating a month.  Neither one of would disagree with the sentiment.  Anyway, this is cool, and I wanted to share.

What’s the thing that I’ve learned the most in the last month, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.   I’m myself.  I’m the broken, bumbling dork that comprises me. I’m sweet sometimes, but I’m stupid sometimes, too.  And when it’s supposed to be, well, I suppose that all works itself out.  All I need to do is take slow steps in the same direction.

If you’ve ever head the band The Weepies, their song “Riga Girls” came on my computer.  It sounds like the last month.  The lyrics have nothing to do with it.  Just listen to the song.



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