why this will be a good weekend:

I will formulaicly prove why this weekend will be amazing:

W = A^(Ek^72)*(Ew+GCC)*((H/P)*Ef)


W = Weekend
A = Adam
Ek = Erika Krall
Ew = Erik Wessel
GCC = Grove City College
H = Hershey
P = Philly
Ef = Erika’s friends

I’m already in a good mood, so plug in 9 for A, and Ek is certainly a 10.  Ew is a 10 also, and GCC is probably a 6… H = 9, P = 9, Ef = 10.

It works out to be something like 9^(1.6^76)

Now you tell me if that isn’t a great weekend.



  1. Okay, so I wish I saw this before Jubilee so I could then tell you how much that just made my brain hurt to try to understand it.

    By the way, your new blog-look is pretty slick. I approve.


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