new poetry

You are beautiful

(this is not an exaggeration)

when you are making eggs for your brother
at 6:45 in the early morning:

it is probably because your smile

(brightening the freshly sunlit kitchen of your duplex)

shows you love
so deeply
This moment.



  1. This comment has absolutely nothing to do with this particular post. I wanted to let you know that I’m removing the redirect from my old site ( to my current one ( If you have any time, could you update your blogroll to reflect this? Just thought I’d ask. Also, have you heard the new Patty Griffin record? Good stuff. It’s a little more like Flaming Red than her more recent stuff, which I like.


  2. Hooray poems.

    Here’s one you should use on your girl sometime that Scott said to me the other day as I was trying to make a crack on New Jersey.

    Me: “So I’m I come to Jersey and the sun isn’t here. What’s up with that?”
    Scott: “No the sun’s here all the time. It went away because you came here.”
    Scott: “… Because all the sunshine is right there.” (pointing at me)

    Oh oh, and this one was from today. I was on the phone with him when a UPS guy came to deliver a package, and he said something like, “If I were a UPS guy, I’d be thrilled if you answered the door.”
    He amuses me. Thumbs up for that.


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