new poetry

You are beautiful

(this is not an exaggeration)

when you are making eggs for your brother
at 6:45 in the early morning:

it is probably because your smile

(brightening the freshly sunlit kitchen of your duplex)

shows you love
so deeply
This moment.


2 thoughts on “new poetry

  1. This comment has absolutely nothing to do with this particular post. I wanted to let you know that I’m removing the redirect from my old site ( to my current one ( If you have any time, could you update your blogroll to reflect this? Just thought I’d ask. Also, have you heard the new Patty Griffin record? Good stuff. It’s a little more like Flaming Red than her more recent stuff, which I like.

  2. Hooray poems.

    Here’s one you should use on your girl sometime that Scott said to me the other day as I was trying to make a crack on New Jersey.

    Me: “So I’m I come to Jersey and the sun isn’t here. What’s up with that?”
    Scott: “No the sun’s here all the time. It went away because you came here.”
    Scott: “… Because all the sunshine is right there.” (pointing at me)

    Oh oh, and this one was from today. I was on the phone with him when a UPS guy came to deliver a package, and he said something like, “If I were a UPS guy, I’d be thrilled if you answered the door.”
    He amuses me. Thumbs up for that.

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