so the real reason i’ve haven’t been writing…

…is because I haven’t really had much to say lately, it feels like.  And I feel bad because I know there are people visiting, and I haven’t really done much in about a month.  But, the school year is in, and I feel like I’ve become scheduled again.  I hate to admit it, but I love the richness that a schedule provides.  I have time to do things, ironically.  This summer, I found myself putzing around because I could.

Anyway, it’s past midnight, and I’m on this really sweet midnight to 8 sleep schedule and I don’t want to mess that up too much.  I want to write more to all of you, because where I am now in August is not where I was in May.  I remember saying to folks “this summer will shake out a lot of questions I have in my head”, and that’s true, although I still have a bevy of questions left to answer, such as where do I really want to go next year, how do I keep writing papers bimonthly until December, how do I do this stupid FAFSA form, how do I find energy after 2 years of the same job, all of that.

If there’s one thing I am learning though that I want to share as at least an earmark for later is I’m learning nearly by progressive epiphany (if there even is such thing) is living in the present moment and not to strive too far ahead or reflect too far behind.  It’s so biblical, and is being drawn out into real life through Fr. George and some other events over the last month.  God sincerely wants me here today.  And it doesn’t really matter what the successes and failures are, because they’re going to come to me regardless… instead, I need to wait on God to enter through me in both and follow Him obediently.  I’ll make sure to write more about that later.

Oh!  And I’m training for a marathon.  There’s some levity for you.



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