things seen and heard while working on a paper at starbucks, volume i

  • Woman who had moon boots on walking as though there were six inches of snow at every step
  • Child who exclaimed “that fire alarm!  It’s the same we have at our school!”
  • A woman walk past me with a stroller, and then come back past me on the street without a stroller.
  • Businessmen with audacious hats, including a Santa cap (who I just saw walk past me twice) as well as a really tacky wool cap.
  • One of my students connecting with one of the older men I always see in here (Phil is his name).  It’s really loving, and not in a way that would creep you out.  Sort of like a grandfather to a granddaughter.
  • A guy attempting to be flirtatious with the barista with a santa’s cap up.  It was a miserable attempt.
  • The student mentioned didn’t recognize me.  I think it’s the facial hair.
  • Phil saw someone else, and it turns out this other guy has a wife. Phil was overjoyed by it, because the man who was married didn’t seem like someone who would readily be married.

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