I’m going to be updating soon…

I need to update.

Not really for anyone but myself.

Over the 8(!) years I’ve had this thing, I’ve used it to think through my world, figure things out, and figure if someone wondered by, they’d read it, and if they wanted to let me know what they’re thinking and figuring out, great.

Deep down, more than ever in my life, I feel like I want to do something big… take all the great ideas I think about for 30 seconds right before I completely fall asleep and actually make them real and damn all the naysayers… I want to be the thing I get behind, not getting behind someone else’s thing.

I keep thinking “I want to shake foundations…”, and I believe more and more that God’s going to use me in a real and powerful way.  At least I keep praying to that end.

And right now, awashed in ennui (as is my custom in May and June), I need to believe it more than ever.


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