full circle

Before coming to Columbus, I spent three years as a full time Campus Minister.  I loved that time in my life.  I felt that many of the gifts and talents that I thought I had were finally unleashed.  I walked through people’s lives every day, and created space for some of the best people I’ve ever made figure themselves out and how God fit into that space.  I never saw it as a forceful endeavor.  Just people with a common focus and goal.  I often told that to my mentored students – I wasn’t there to tell them what to do, but instead to walk a little ahead with a lantern to help them see the path in front of them.

Fast forward to now.  Recently (and at the early behest of my wife), I’ve reconsidered a call to go back to full time ministry and go to seminary.  This, obviously, would represent a major lifestyle change and mean moving away from a home, neighborhood, church, and city that I’ve fallen deeply in love with to start a whole new step in my life.

It’s also doing something that I’ve been determined to run from most of my life.  For many reasons I decided that my focus should be on something other than full time ministry, and as of today I’ve worked in public service for nearly five years now in some capacity, starting in Dublin as a Planning Assistant in 2008.  It’s been good work, and has reinforced in me a desire to serve people in some capacity.  But there’s always been a part of me throughout that time saying “well, maybe I was created for something different”.  So to that end, I’ve decided to start discerning a move to seminary over the next year.  I thought this may be a good space to ask the questions that I want to discuss and receive some feedback.  Maybe someone will say something – maybe not.  Whatever.

I realize this is kind of rambling, but it’s been awhile since I wrote a meaningful post on this blog.  I figure it’ll take some time to get back into the saddle.



  1. do it adam…. =) contact jordan rimmer, he made a similar move with a big family… I think he may have some good insight for you.


  2. =) the other option is to consider online classes somewhere. It may not require a complete change… but in the end seek after God in the matter, He will direct you.


  3. Adam, from what I have seen in the time i’ve known you, I see a fine young man and i’m so happy my daughter met you and married you. I see how you react around her and my grandson. It does a dad proud to see his little girl happy. There are so many ups and downs in life that sometimes we don’t take time for others let alone ourselves. In the short time we have left in this world that God created for us, i think alot of people have lost their faith in him. I think we can always use good men and women to spread the word of God. As long as you and lindsey have discussed your plans and you both are sure thats what you want and you feel that thats your calling then I for one would be more than happy to give you my blessing to pursue your dreams of going into the ministry
    . I love you both dearly and wish you the best.


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