How to take care of a baby

While I’m embarrassed to post something from 9gag, I’m glad I got some of these things worked out.
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These Songs Could Have Changed Your Life: The Best Rejected Songs of the Millennium

For anyone who have some degree of sentience between 2000-2010 (Not included: anyone that has posted #yolo or #swag to twitter un-ironically), enjoy this great set list of songs that didn’t make the songs of the millennium list. The shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
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What a TV Show Can Teach Us About Capitalism

After some of the conversation yesterday regarding capitalism, I thought this would be a good follow-up article. And I love “Orange Is The New Black”, anyway.

Especially read page two if you get a chance. Very interesting thoughts.
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Controlling Health Care Spending, Revisited

“Employees who worry about keeping their jobs or unemployed workers desperately seeking jobs are more likely to accept limits on their health insurance, along with higher levels of cost sharing, including reference pricing.”

So how much of the economic recovery we are plodding along is a result of people accepting less-than-ideal circumstances? This is where I struggle with deregulation – the whole point of government in my mind is to protect its citizens from less-than-optimal situations through thoughtful saving in more-than-optimal times.

Unfortunately, it’s only a statistic until it happens to you or someone close to you.
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The Deduction for State and Local Taxes

I didn’t see this thought there, but I’ve always felt that state and local governments are better suited to address the needs of people (the needs of 25,000 are better managed than 25,000,000, and those better managed than 250,000,000). So by creating larger state and local systems, we become more effective in identifying and serving, and leave the federal government to work towards the national interest.

I know it’s not the most “liberal” perspective, but it’s just common sense.
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