20 at 10; 10 at 20: Me and Support Raising 2008-2010

So I think this is the very first time I’ve ever put anything down about Support Raising in my blog, which you think would be something that I’d talk about because it’s been a major part of my life for the last 3 years, and will be for the next 2 years, but I thought I’d let my blogging community aware of my needs as I get started in Columbus.

Currently my support needs have changed, and if everything else stays the same, I need $2,361.50 over the course of the year, or roughly $20 a month from 10 people, or $10 a month from 20 people.  The way my support works is that I get a lot of support annually in August, and then progressively use that up.  So I’m making a personal goal of finding 10 people that could support my ministry to architecture students at Ohio State.  I’m excited for the possibilities, as it’s a place where there isn’t any serious campus ministry, and a chance to try something new in a place that has no restrictions.  I have some ideas I’d love to share with you if you’re interested.

Anyway, maybe you, oh dear blog reader, have thought to yourself maybe you’d like to support some cause, and maybe have it be something close to you.  This is a chance to change the lives of hundreds of people, and to be a part of God’s miraculous transformative work.  $20 a month is a small amount, and $10 a month is even smaller.

If this is something you are interested in doing, check out the website below… periodically I’m going to keep all of you updated on what’s going on, and hopefully soon have the 20 new people on my team!


This is the direct webpage, if you click “A CCO Staff Member” and select Adam Anderson, the money will go to me.

Or, if you want to check out more options, click here


head, heart, hands: american slavery

27,000,000 people right now as we speak are slaves in the world.

27,000,000. That’s a lot. Texas has somewhere around 23,000,000 people. That means that the entirety of Texas plus Kentucky are enslaved somewhere around the world. They’re enslaved in the sex trade, they’re enslaved in the fields, and they’re enslaved in restaurants all over, and in fact right in front of us.

This is something that shocks me. To live in 2008 and to have all of the gifts and benefits that we have, and there’s people right next to me that very well might be unable to be free. That’s wild.

It begins to make me wonder about my freedom. I think that I’m free. I woke up this morning, got breakfast, wrote this article, went to lunch, did some more work, met with some people, and later I’ll do more work and go to bed. This is my decision; I could do nothing today if I wanted to, and it’s my choice.

And I suppose it’s become my choice to sell myself, too. This morning, when I had coffee, it was Starbucks coffee. I went to lunch at Bob Evans. I’m wearing an Old Navy Sweater and Jeans. I’m addicted to selling myself to things that I want and I like.

This is not to minimize the current amount of slavery, but I really wonder if, ultimately, any of us are really free. How many of us aren’t bonded by something else.

I graduated from Grove City College with a degree with Marketing, and if there’s something I remember most in our discussions there about being a good marketer, it was that if we kept going, we’d be given a lot of power. We’d have a power of influence in people’s lives. An influence in a part of people’s lives that’s particularly important – your money and what you want. The average American is bombarded by 3,000 advertisements a day, or roughly one every 20 waking seconds. My job, as a marketer, is to make my 20 seconds stand out in your mind the most. If you want my product, you’ll buy it, and I’ll make money, find products I want and buy them from another marketer.

What enslaves us to this system, I think, is that we really don’t need half of the stuff we have, we just think we do. I know this to be true on a personal level, as my emergency food supply also known as my love handles are testament to. Marketers, as part of the equation, make me believe my wants are absolute needs, and I, like lamb to the slaughter, gladly put my money down to take what they’re selling. I even know they’re doing this, yet if it’s sexy and sleek and makes me feel better, I’ll take it.

This last week I just got back from New York City, and Times Square. Over and over again, the people with me commented on how what a den of consumerism it is. So many towering, luminous lights telling me I need WaMu, CNN, and Avenue Q. Meanwhile, there’s 27,000,000 people enslaved. I wonder if one of those pre-teen girls enslaved right now in Indonesia in the sex trade were brought to Times Square if she’d be so impressed with Washington Mutual, or if she’d just be happy that she was standing on 46th and Broadway free.

In my mind, the saddest state of slavery are those who are enslaved and don’t even know it.

the God sessions, vol i

Head, Heart, Hands: God

So for the last semester and the beginning of the semester, I’m written about a lot of different things. I like that. There’s a lot of things worth talking about. Whether we talk about riding a bus, dating someone, breaking up with someone, getting mad about laundry, it’s all about life, and the pursuit of living it well. In fact, there’s isn’t much I haven’t talked about, except perhaps one thing you’d expect me to talk about: God.

This was intentional. It wasn’t like I left my Jesus bias at home when I wrote to you. In fact, I think I wrote about God each time I wrote in the Knight, but I didn’t feel it necessary to make mention of Him. That’s one of my favorite things about God, actually, that I think He’s just as obvious in the times you don’t see Him – but that’s another article, and I don’t want to give any of you too much.

Anyway, so I made the decision over the next few weeks to talk about God a little more overtly. But, before I get into some of things I want to talk about, I want to make some ground rules.

First, by and large, when I write to you, I’m not going to try to “convert” you to or from anything. If you are going to choose to make some drastic lifestyle change from a few hundred words in a University newspaper, I’d rather it not be mine. Instead, I’m going try to give you some perspective.

Some of you have been doing the Jesus thing for many years, and that’s great. I can give you perspective from someone who’s right there with you. Maybe you’ve started to wonder how God fits into your daily purchases: does God care about your toilet paper purchase, for instance. Important, I know.

Some of you have been doing the Jesus thing for just a little, and that’s great, too. I can give you some perspective from someone who’s been doing this a little longer, and maybe took the same path you did. Maybe you’ve started to wonder how God fits into your daily purchases, too: does God really care about whether I get five or fifteen beers, for instances. Also important.

Finally, someone of you aren’t doing the Jesus thing. Sometimes it doesn’t fit your worldview, sometimes you were really hurt from someone who said they loved God, but it didn’t seem to add up in their actions. I can give you some perspective from someone who really does love this God person, but loves you too, and would love nothing more than just sit and talk to you about what you think about God. You might not wonder how God fits in your daily purchases, but at least maybe you wonder why it matters to someone else. This is also important.

If you have been hurt by someone who a Christian, let me say I’m sorry, too. Christians can be hurtful and petty and silly. It’s part of being human, unfortunately.

Finally, let me say that I’m not here to necessarily to say what you want to hear. I hope you’re happy after reading what I said, but ultimately I don’t have the time or energy to placate you. Nor do I want to. So it’s possible you love God, too, and still be mad at me. That’s fine. Facebook me and let me know. I’ll buy you a coffee and we’ll talk. I guarantee it.

head, heart, hands: the price of illegal parking

So I would say almost the entire time I’ve been writing to you this year, I’ve tried to be as honest with you as possible. If I’m not, I will at some point expose myself as a liar, and you’ll end up not reading, and then I’m wasting a good hour of my life doing something that no one will see. I’ll write in my journal or play guitar or practice my interpretative dance moves instead. My hope is authenticity will keep you reading.

All of this to say that I have a doozie for you this week.

Walker Apartments were I am the RD is on the corner of 7th and Peach Streets, and right across from me is a parking deck. Now, I already have parking on 5th street, but days like we had last week with driving rain make the deck significantly more appealing. So usually I pick the deck over my own spot. While this seems like a perfect solution, as it normally is with life, there is a catch – to not have to pay, I can only leave the deck at night, typically past 9, and on the weekends. Most of the time that’s not a problem, but this Friday I needed to leave to get something at the mall and then some lunch.

For each day I’m in there, I am supposed to pay $10, unless I don’t have a ticket, then in which case it’s only $10 maximum. Most of the time (and here’s where the transparency and honesty comes in) I just never seem to be able to find my ticket. Sure, occasionally I may find it in a cup holder 10 seconds after I leave, but how awkward is it to go back and say you found it?

Friday was different though. I felt guilty. I have one of those consciences that will wake me up in the middle of the night. There were nights when I was younger that I would wake up my parents to tell them something I’d done that day that I completely got away with. Weird, I know.

So on this Friday, I decided to give $20. I couldn’t remember if it was quite the full amount, but hey, $20 and I have a clear conscience and I don’t have to think another thing of it. As I approached the man at the gate I felt nervous. No joke. As if he was going to yell at me for giving him what I was supposed to. Well, I explained my dilemma:

“Good morning sir. Oh, I’m doing well! Yes, see, here’s the problem: I looked all over for my card, and I just couldn’t find it. I know I’ve been in here for two days, so here’s $20 dollars.”

The man looked at me strangely, as if it was going to be a problem to do, which he assured me it wouldn’t be. Soon, he looks at me and says “well, hey, I’ll let you out for $5”, gives me $15 dollars change, and manually lets me out.

I win.

Oh no. I lost. I lost so badly. I looked up to Heaven and said “Okay, God, you win”, especially after the man in the booth then said to me “Remember that I let you out of here for $5”. Nothing perpetuates a guilty feeling quite so well as getting away with a scheme better than you thought. I thought I was doing the right thing and had no satisfaction.

Nothing perpetuates a guilty feeling quite so well as trying just to eliminate a guilty feeling.

head, heart, hands

So I’m writing for the Gannon Knight this year a staff editorial called “Head, Heart, Hands”. I’m going to put the unedited article up here weekly so you all can peruse and give me feedback.





I have them all. You’ve got them, too. I promise. Take a look in a mirror. Put your finger on your wrist and press down a little bit. Feel that beating? Yes. A guarantee that you, indeed, have a pulse, which means you have a heart as well.

This also means, obviously, that what I’m writing to you now is incredibly applicable to your life, as you possess a head, a heart, and hands.

The problem is trying to connect them together. How do we, for instance, care about something so much that not only can we reason through it, but we want to do something about it?

In other words, we feel it in our hearts, think it with our heads, and work with our hands to do something with it.

Over the next year, I hope we get a chance to think about these issues together. I feel really lucky to have a chance to write in the Knight each week about this stuff. So, ahead of time, thanks for letting me use your precious reading time. Hopefully I won’t disappoint.

I want to make sure to set some ground rules for you, too. That way I’m being held accountable to something, and you have something to expect every week:

· You’re my friend, even if we’ve never met. Even if you don’t like me. It’s okay. I’m still going to treat you like my friend, because I can’t think of any other way to treat you. You’re special. You mean something to me. You have great things to talk about, and are very thoughtful.

· The honest truth is that I don’t really know that much more than you. I’m just a normal guy doing a job as an ARD and Resident Campus Minister. I go on rounds, I oversee Faith Sharing Groups, run programs, sing in mass, and I make mistakes in all of them. More often than I’d probably like to admit. The only difference between you and me is that I’ve got a couple more years of being a normal guy. The experience has been indispensable. That’s what I want to share with you.

· Finally, I have a real dedication to figuring how my emotions, my intellect, and my volition can all work for the same purpose. I think living a consistent and unified life makes sense. If I’m going to life something consistently, I want it to mean something to me. I think you feel the same way.

So stick with me this year. This world’s great, and worth talking about. If you see me in the hallway and want to talk what I say, I’ll buy you some coffee and we’ll talk. Expect me to ask you what you think, feel, and what to do about it, though. After all… that’s what happens when you have a head, heart, and hands.

so the real reason i’ve haven’t been writing…

…is because I haven’t really had much to say lately, it feels like.  And I feel bad because I know there are people visiting, and I haven’t really done much in about a month.  But, the school year is in, and I feel like I’ve become scheduled again.  I hate to admit it, but I love the richness that a schedule provides.  I have time to do things, ironically.  This summer, I found myself putzing around because I could.

Anyway, it’s past midnight, and I’m on this really sweet midnight to 8 sleep schedule and I don’t want to mess that up too much.  I want to write more to all of you, because where I am now in August is not where I was in May.  I remember saying to folks “this summer will shake out a lot of questions I have in my head”, and that’s true, although I still have a bevy of questions left to answer, such as where do I really want to go next year, how do I keep writing papers bimonthly until December, how do I do this stupid FAFSA form, how do I find energy after 2 years of the same job, all of that.

If there’s one thing I am learning though that I want to share as at least an earmark for later is I’m learning nearly by progressive epiphany (if there even is such thing) is living in the present moment and not to strive too far ahead or reflect too far behind.  It’s so biblical, and is being drawn out into real life through Fr. George and some other events over the last month.  God sincerely wants me here today.  And it doesn’t really matter what the successes and failures are, because they’re going to come to me regardless… instead, I need to wait on God to enter through me in both and follow Him obediently.  I’ll make sure to write more about that later.

Oh!  And I’m training for a marathon.  There’s some levity for you.