To all my friends

We’re going to turn this world upside down.

It’s our turn to define this life. It’s time to stop complaining, it’s time to stop wishing something would change AND DO IT YOURSELF.

God’s given us a contract, it’s time we begin to fufill it.

What an exciting time to live.


Animosity towards Hicks…

Not our backwoods buddies, mind you, but rather the cafeteria I typically eat in. Now that we have our new Academic building (which is actually just a tremendous building – it suprises me a little college like GCC can get something as great as that and debt free to boot), on MWF, people who would typically eat other places are now creating huge lines at the place where I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Save the men who live in the dorm itself, I consider myself a rare breed, and it’s just slightly frustrating that I then have to readjust my plans when last semester it would have been fine.

Oh, woe is me.

I have nothing else really truly profound, save I am constanty reminded of three things:

A) When you treat people with compassion and work everyday to make other people’s life better, quite often you’re taken advantage of.

B) God comes and provides understanding and comfort

C) I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.


A couple of people have asked me where I had been. I apologize. I’m alive, kicking, and hopefully will have more time to tell the all 2 people (myself included) that read my journal what’s going on in my life 🙂

Funny thing though. I think the whole “guy kissing girl on forehead” thing is great. I think somewhere it the girl programming God put that subroutine there… something about if girl likes boy and boy likes girl, kissing that forehead somehow eliminates everything bad for about a 50 mile radius. I admit, I am myself drawn to a forehead I kiss, and yeah, it does feel good. But I saw it this afternoon and it made me laugh, because this girl brought her forehead RIGHT TO THE GUYS LIPS!

It was wonderful, and suffice it to say I think everything went perfectly for those two the rest of the day. That’s the power of the kiss on the forehead.

More sometime this week