And as a postscript…

We are warriors at Grove City College. It’s being proved in this silly, silly attack of people who are sending large scale emails to people on the campus about voting, and the scathing responses some of the people on the campus have. At first it was a little funny, but I’ve read some of the other responses, and they’re just plain mean. When we should be ambassadors and should be trying to help people understand why it isn’t a good idea to send spam, we’re warriors and with the same goal, rip people to shreds. And where’s the Jesus in that?

Chapel This morning

Chapel this morning made me think quite a bit about how I’m doing things.

We listened to this guy talk about what it is to be an ambassador, and namely a Christian ambassasdor. Christians are given many different names of what we’re supposed to be – a warrior is something that you hear a lot. But the more I’ve thought about it, I think ambassador is the best way to think of it.

A warrior is someone with passion. They will fight to the death for something they love, and won’t stop because they’re so dedicated. But what a warrior has in passion they lack in knowledge. I tend to think of a warrior that doesn’t think and just does. They’ll plod over peasants and precious farm land in order to get the ultimate goal – to defeat their enemy.

But the ambassador is different. He, too, shares that passion. He wants nothing more than good relations between his country and another country. To be able to see eye-to-eye with another group and to show them the benefit of his country. He too won’t stop until he defeats the enemy – but I think his enemy is hatred and ignorance – not individuals.

And as Christians, I feel like we do ourselves disservice by being warriors. While we have our goal in mind – to bring the kingdom of Heaven to all, we quickly lose track of the people that we might turn off or hurt in the process. But the ambassador mindset takes into account each of those people and determine how to help them to join the Kingdom too. To miss them is a disservice to all sides.

Anyway, class. Talk to you all later. New and exciting things happening such as fall party, Hickstoberfest, and just life.

peace and love.

Back to SKOOL

Man. You don’t get any time to get back acclimiated… they throw you right back into it.

My todo list for this week alone:

Tonight: Hopefully volleyball practice, writing Courtship and Marriage paper, quiz in Strategic Marketing
Wednesday: Down to see Ryan, paper
Thursday: Interviewing someone for class, C&M, setting up for Hickstoberfest
Friday: C&M paper, volleyball game (first of the year, word)
Saturday: Hickstoberfest, YA!
Sunday: Church, C&M paper, studying for a test on Thursday.

I keep telling myself soon, very soon it will be over. CCO app needs done this week too. GALL DURN IT!

See y’all.


Finally writing on a break…

My essay is almost done. Which is fantastic, but I can’t help but feel there’s a bit lacking in this essay. It’s just getting done for the sake of getting done. There’s not a lot of coherent thought, but a lot of solid information. Maybe it’s going to take some thesis switching, but we’ll take a look at that on Monday. But as soon as that’s done, I have to start working on my Courtship and Marraige paper. Using 7 sources, I have to write an 8 page paper on my personal opinions on marriage and divorce. It’ll be a nice paper to write and will put a lot of what I think about those subjects into greater focus, but still… it’s a college paper, and I’m a senior and I’m getting tired of doing work.

In about 3 months you can start senioritis Adam… but you have to get through this one. Oh, and at midterms I have a 3.08… not bad, not good. We’ll definitely see that go up because of a C- in one class and a B- in another that will both definitely go up.

I love watching World Series baseball… espeically the Red Sox being there. I think the Red Sox have become my second favorite team behind only the Indians. And the Sox are up already… let’s hope they make it all the way through this year.

Anyway… I’m out. pnl


BoSox win.

Which proves that you can’t buy a bunch of individuals and expect to win a championship.

You can buy a team though :P.

and for Jon “Shooter” Essel… this is for you:

bBALLin jh: saying random things…with a few ‘yanks’ or ‘balco gary’s’ throughout


dumb or profound, you decide.

open the door
and empty your pockets
you find ten dollars on the floor and call it
is that an empty promise then or just another trite
connection in your head that
promises you finding
jesus love power sex respect of masses waiting to
wait did i what no i didn’t i am incapable i said i would never
your keep the door open and break windows
leave the green on the floor
(it was
not yours
to begin with)


I apologize for not getting on here recently… I noticed that since I last updated, 13 of you at minimum have had the same exact thing to see. That’s wrong, and I’m here to change it. A couple boring things to start off:

1. My Birthday – I turned 22 last Thursday. Which isn’t exciting, actually :). Once you get past 21, this whole birthday thing is just getting older. And I’m young, and that’s great, but it’s just not all that exciting. As far as the world’s concerned, I have nothing else to do – drink, smoke, buy porn, vote… all done. But thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I guess another reason why it isn’t a big deal is because each one of you make me feel special and imporant beyond my birthday.

2. Grades – Pending on my Courtship and Marriage midterm, I have 2 As, a C+, and a C-. Which isn’t all that bad for midterms – I know I’ve done well in some places and have other places to improve. I feel like I could have gotten an A on my C&M test, and so that’d be a solid way to go into fall break.

3. Fall Break – I’m hoping that 4 things will happen: A) Spend quality time with my mom and dad… B) Work at my grandparent’s house to make a little cash and get them ready for winter… C) Get homework done, namely C&M and Modern Civ… D) See Valerie sometime if she’s free. I think I should be able to accomplish all of the above if I stick with each of them.

4. CCO – I need to finish my application to them before November. That way I can have the process done by Thanksgiving and be contracted by the next staff seminar. All the people I talked to think it’s a good idea to pursue, and we’ll see where God directs me here.

And now for something a little longer…

My housing group (in my mind, sort of like a fraternity here on campus. In fact, short of all the minuta that frats deal with, we’re the same), is Delta Rho Sigma, or the Buffaloes. If there’s one thing on this campus I pledge more allegiance to and strive harder to help, it’s this. I’m blessed this year to have 3 hats – Chaplain, RA, and the personally made up role of Special Projects Coordinator (which thus far has entailed Alumni Relations, interior design executive, and date auction volunteer), and it’s been amazing to see where God is leading this group. My roommate Adam is the president, and even before we assumed these positions, we worked hard to try to think of direction and vision of the Buffaloes. If we had it our way, we thought, what would we do? And the main thing we ended up developing amongst the two of us was creating a greater presence on campus. And so far we’ve done that. With the advent of our date auction (which, by the way, was a huge success. We raised $250.00 for Make-A-Wish, and I personally went for $15.00), we allowed people to see who we were. Many people would walk by our table and say “oh, I didn’t know he was a Buffalo”, which was fantastic. Moreover, this didn’t just become Adam and my vision. A sophomore took it upon himself to head up this date auction, and he just started as a Buffalo in August. These were guys I tried to court to join the Buffaloes, and I’m so pleased God brought them here. They’re eneregetic, full of life, and ready to take what has been started and build.

Secondly, I’m beginning to see (and maybe it’s because I’m biased towards it), that God is working in the minds and hearts of these guys. Community and growth were the two big things I had on my docket as RA/Chaplain. I wanted to see these guys form tighter bonds, and grow to be encouragers, and not just guys who live together. The single thing that seperates a good housing group/frat from and great HG/Frat is unity. And what’s great to see is a diversity of personality but a unity of group. People aren’t the same in this group. In the Buffaloes right now, you have 2 res life staff, 1 all-star soccer player, 2 volleyball players, 2 swimmers, 1 football player, 3 people involved with drama at least once, and guys recieving presidential scholarships everywhere. We’ve won college sing, and we’ve gone to the playoffs/championship quite a few times in multiple sports. I’d hasten to say our GPA right now is a bit above a 3.0, and it’s no surpise to me. These are quality guys based on their dedication to what they do. And this group is no different. Guys genuinely like each other, and set themselves up to love and be loved. We’re not perfect by a long shot, but when I see the direction they’re heading, it makes me excited to be a memeber of Delta Rho Sigma. We’re running the race to win.

Anyway, showertime soon, meeting at one, some fall break tie-ups, C&M, a little bit ‘o work, and then bed. Tomorrow is the dedication of the J. Howard Pew statue, and I think I may go to that, and then it’s shortly off to Greenford and home. pnl, and enjoy your breaks! 😀

So what else is new?

So I’m in a date auction here on campus. Here is the advertisement on one of the guys profiles:

Delta Rho Sigma Buffalo Date Auction
When: October 11-15
Where:Table is in the SAC
Why: Proceeds to benefit Make-A-Wish
Who: 16 of the finest men on campus (Matt Swab, Bob McNees, Jake Kettlewell, Jeff “Ice Cold” Stone, Eric Toohey, Mike “Hoss” Hostutler, Don Burkhart, Adam Benjamin, Adam Anderson, Chris Nakis, Ian Hughes, Scott Loresch, Jon “Shooter” Essel, Jeremy Roberts, Matt Ziders and none other than Clint Stewart)

So this should be a lot of fun. It’s partially for us, and a big portion is for Make-A-Wish because the group had helped Clint a lot when he was realy sick. It’ll also be nice because hey, it’s a date, and I’m not one not to enjoy a date 🙂

I also had to fill out a bio for the guys who are running it, and I give it to all of you for you viewing pleasure:

1. What is your full name?
Adam Anderson

2. What is your birthday?
October 14, 1982

3. Where are you from (hometown)?
Youngstown, OH

4. What year are you at Grove City College?

5. What is your major(s)?

6. What sports/activities/groups do you participate in on campus?
Any IM sport, Residence Life (2 Years), Delta Rho Sigma, Grove City Revitalization Committee

7. Briefly describe your stunning good looks.
I’m that down home, bring home to your parents and they’ll love you type of look.

8. On a scale from 1-20, how hot are you (twenty being the hottest)?

9. How much do you usually cost for a three hour date?
At least a dollar. Well, maybe a dollar.

10. Are you single? If no, does your girlfriend know you are in this auction?
I am single.

11. What are some of your Likes and Dislikes?
I like relaxing, hanging out with friends, shaking my tailfeather, and sleeping. Lots of sleeping. Spooning too. LOVE spooning.

12. What do you like to do on the weekends?
Sleep, Spoon, hang out.

13. What is your Favorite Movie?
Napoleon Dynamite

14. What is your Favorite TV Show?
The Simpsons, The Family Guy

15. Do you have a car? If so, what kind?
1999 Dodge Voyager

16. If you had to bid for a Buffalo other than yourself, who would you bid for and why?
Jeff Stone, because he’s just so cute!

17. Describe your dream on campus date.
We’d start off taking a nice walk on lower campus, enjoying the benches and grass. Then we’d come up to my place for some intervis action, and then finally, we’d end up in the SAC.

18. Describe your dream off campus date.
A nice picnic out by a lake just relaxing and enjoy each other’s company.

19. What is your worst dating experience ever (if you have any dating experience)?
I have not had a bad dating experience yet!

20. What would you like to do on your date?
Whatever the girl who’d buy me would want to do. I’m down for just about anything.

So if anyone would like a date and doesn’t mind paying some cash, I’m down for whatever 🙂



So great news everyone. I sprained my foot about a week ago (not the ankle, but like the upper and side part of the foot)… had to go to the emergency room and all, and today I had a follow-up appointment. The doctor there said it may take up to a month before I’m completely healed. Which means I’ll be hobbling about campus for a week or two. He even said I should use my crutch until Monday. No thanks. No more Tiny-Tim for me.

Life is good here. I’m trying to apply this whole “taking you happiness from God alone and people won’t disappoint you near as much” and thus far it seems to be a succesful strategy. Expect nothing, and you only reap positive results.

Talk to you all later… pnl

Running log

So I’m thinking on the LJ I’m going to start putting my running odometer (like Hans’ biking odometer)

Look for that in the coming weeks (when my sprained foot actually heals).

In courtship and marriage… talk to you all later… pnl