The most lonely people…

I don’t think anyone is ever more lonely than when they have someone.


Poop on McDonalds

How the freak do they think at McDonalds that a McGriddle can be hip? I’m sorry, if I’m a raver, I’m on E, not on bacon. Also, rollerbasketballers will not eat Big Macs. They’re going to eat pavement because there’s NO FREAKING WAY there’s such thing. McDonalds, stop being cool and be dependable.

Random one-liners from my head

1. I’m always impressed at how smart and stupid people can be at the same exact time.
2. I don’t ever say much profound, but when I actually do, people never hear it.
3. “Shit or get off the pot” is one of the most underused and most applicable phrases in life.
4. Who you know really is the way to get around these days.
5. Nothing makes you feel cooler than listening to Frank Sinatra.
6. “I could tell you a lot
But you gotta to be true to your code
So make it one for my baby
And one more for the road
You’d never know it
But buddy I’m a kind of poet
And I’ve got a lot of things I wanna say
And if I’m gloomy, please listen to me
Till it’s all, all talked away

– Frank Sinatra “One For My Baby”
7. Why would someone ruin the best part of their young lives by getting married?
8. Righteous indigation is overrated
9. Grove City has some of the best opportunities for business development living and learning on this campus, and all they have to do is sweeten the deal. Tax incentives, housing subsidies, SOMETHING. Get GCC students to plant here. What a thriving community it could be.
10. The only person who can get it done right is you.
10b. “right” is subjective.

Maybe more later, maybe. I’ve already posted four days in a row or something, and that’s a feat for me, so we’ll see what occurs later. Peace and love.

Funny how things just don’t change…

One of my freshman put this in their profile:

things i’ve learned my freshmen year of college at grove city:
1. studying is overrated
1. grades are overrated
1. you cannot have too much pizza
2. the food at the cafeteria is always a dissappointment
3. pranks need to be an important part of all students life
4. finding an emily is crucial
5. Hoss’s sucks
6. a huge voluptuous chair improves the quality of life
7. gotta brita it up
8. your schedule for next semester never turns out like you planned
9. the best times you have are not planned
10. must be careful of ket rec. there are some immature people there sometimes
11. stealing music is wonderful
12. paris is almost always a little foggy
13. the smelly kid is a dolt
14. the first two weeks were the hardest
15. most of the OB stuff sucked
16. ice can be very slippery
17. worms smell bad
18. smallville is cool
19. it always rains
20. tang is key

I think that could also be “things i’ve learned my sophomore and junior years of college at grove city:”. Funny.

HOLY CRAP! 2 ENTRIES IN ONE DAY!!! (presidential quiz part deux)

So I took another presidential quiz, and found out that John Kerry is my best choice, but at 55% of my views, then Kucinich at 51%, and GWB at 45%. Am I really that wierd? Anyway, cut are the answers to the questions, and my political views. If you want to take the quiz yourself, go to I’d love to hear your results.

Appoint Judge who will outlaw it: Slightly Oppose
Ban “Partial Birth”: Strongly Favor
Ban abortion except Rape/Incest: Strongly Favor
Parential Notification if under 18: Strongly Favor

Gay Rights
Gay Marriage Ban: Slightly Favor
Equal Rights for Civil Unions: Strongly Favor
Gays openly serve in military: Slighly Favor

Religion in Government
Organized Prayer in Schools: Strongly Oppose
Commandments Displayed in Federal Bldgs: Slightly Favor
Federal Funding of Religious Charities: Strongly Favor

Where do you stand on increased gun controls?
Safety Devices on All New Guns: Strongly Favor
Background Checks on Gun Show Purchases: Strongly Favor
Require Safety Course, License Before Gun Purchase: Strongly Favor
Allow Lawsuits Against Gun Manufacturers: Strongly Favor

How do you feel about the death penalty?
Abolish the Death Penalty: Strongly Oppose
National Review of Death Penalty Fairness: Strongly Agree

What do you think about the following education initiatives?
No Child Left Behind Act: Strongly Oppose
Vouchers for Public, Private or Religious Schools: Slightly Favor
Increase Federal Funding for Higher Education: Strongly Favor

How do you feel about the following homeland security efforts?
The Patriot Act: Slighty Favor
Tighter Immigration Controls: Slighly Oppose

How do you feel about the U.S. efforts in Iraq?
The War in Iraq: Strongly Favor
Turning Over More Political Authority to U.N: Strongly Favor
Immediate Withdrawal of U.S. Troops: Slightly Oppose

Do you support these foreign trade policies?
Embargo on Cuba: Slighty Oppose
U.S. Involvement in NAFTA: Strongly Favor
Mandatory Labor/Environment Standards in Trade Agreements: Slightly Favor (with empahsis on the Environmental Part)

How do you feel about the following health care proposals?
Universal Government-Supervised Health Care : Slightly Oppose
Medicare Prescription Drugs Coverage By Private Insurers: Slightly Favor
Expand Medicaid to Cover More Uninsured Americans: Slightly Favor
Limit Malpractice Suits Against Doctors, Insurers: Strongly Oppose

Where do you stand on the following proposed welfare reforms?
Hiring Welfare Workers Tax Incentive: Strongly Favor
Welfare Benefits for Legal Immigrants: No opinion
Child Care Services for Getting Off Welfare: Strongly Favor

How do you feel about these Social Security reforms?
Raise Retirement Age: Strongly Oppose
Privatize Social Security : Strongly Favor
Cap Payments to Wealthy: No Opinion

Where do you stand on the following tax proposals?
Roll Back the Bush Administration Tax Cut: Strongly Oppose
Roll Back Cuts for People Making Over $100,000: Strongly Oppose
Additional Tax Cuts for Businesses: Strongly Favor

How do you feel about these issues related to jobs?
Raise the Minimum Wage: Strongly Oppose
Extend Unemployment Benefits: Slightly Oppose

How do you feel about these key environmental issues?
Oil Drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge: Slightly Agree
Mandatory Clean Air Emissions Standards: Strongly Agree
Tougher Fuel Efficiency Standards: Strongly Agree

No Party Issues or Experience

Overall Opinion (Scale of 1-5, 5 most important)Social Issues: 3
Crime/Education: 4
Security and International Policy: 4
Benefit Programs: 2
The Economy/Environment: 5


Here’s some pictures I have of the year. Friends and good times.

This is from Spring Party this year. We went to Presque Isle in Erie and then to a Seawolves game. That’s all of the Buffaloes and Buffahoes. =)

This is a picture of Linds and I at the Gala… she looks so good. I look drunk or something.

Here’s a better picture of me with my friend Adam Benjamin.

Here’s a cool picture. This is where we stayed over New Year’s. It was a great time.

Victim Complex… good, bad, indifferent?

i don’t think my livejournal is cool enough, so i’m going emo lowercase. because emo is cool, and it’s awesome to be sad and have a vicitim complex. and so comes the topic of this entry.

Okay, so I can’t do the emo thing. I’m not pissed off enough at myself to do that. I don’t think this world is against me. Hence what a victim complex is in my mind. It’s the feeling that everyone does things because they want to ruin your day, they want to make things miserable on you, and that in the end, you are what Murphy had in his mind when he made his law. I just can’t understand this whole thing. First off, do you really think that people think your that important to try that hard to make your life miserable? I can hardly imagine that people would consider me important enough to ruin my life – nor should they. It seems ridiculous to make that assumption, because people I’d say are good (or at least try to be) 90% of the time. I rarely see people be malcious for its own sake. Secondly, as a Christian, there is no room for a victim complex. God has mapped out my life perfectly for His glory, and so it seems silly to think he’d do anything to hurt me. If I’m a basketball coach, I’m not about to break my point guard’s legs, but bet your bottom dollar I’ll run them through so much conditioning and lifting they’re sick and hurting. So it is with Christ. I don’t think he’d ever once harm me for any evil purpose. God isn’t evil; he can’t be. But I know there’s times where I have to work ridiculously hard and train for His Kingdom. So why the crap should I be whining? What a slap in the face to God! I mean, if I’m going to take a cross-training program, He’s a pretty good trainer. If all I’m doing is fussing and complaining about “oh geez, I have bad parents” or “oh man, my church is horrid, I think I’m going to change them” or “I can’t believe I have to do this!” blah blah blah. Sure, it’s going to hurt on occasion, but it’s there a sense of Godly pride in the fact that you come through something and you’re better for it? Otherwise you’re wasting your own time, and I feel you’re wasting God’s time (though He’d never think that. He’s willing to spend as much time as it takes). Two verses fit here real well:

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer… Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. (Romans 12:12, 14)
Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Folks, it’s really as simple as that. Just go through it with a positive attitude with hope and love, keep in contact with the Lord, and continue to serve God’s will. If I’m the point guard and really want to do well, I’m going to keep saying “goodness, this is tough, but how much more prepared am I going to be when the season starts and I have my challenges”. I’m also going to keep talking to my coach, continuing to pick up pointers, listening to his wisdom, and recieving his encouragement and occasional constructive criticism.

So stop complaining. You’re bringing everyone – including yourself – down.

time to go to bed. peace and love.