A Map of Baseball Nation

This map tells me two things – 1) That Columbus comprises more Cleveland transplants than Cincinnati transplants, and 2) We really should give Toledo back to Michigan.


Concierges aren’t just for hotels anymore

HUD has had Service Coordinator positions for years in affordable senior housing projects, but they’re woefully underfunded. Maybe this kind of movement will help people see the value in funding Service Coordinator positions more fully?

A Long Obedience

A wonderful essay by David Brooks, and I think is a great reminder that “freedom” as a concept is not the ultimate end for humanity, but that freedom is bound by the commandments (in the OT) and the Holy Spirit (in the NT, Gal 5).

That willing binding (as much as an oxymoron as it is) is what gives me a sense of richness, and a reassurance that I am not the be-all-end-all navigator of my own existence.